I keep randomly getting Herbal tea?

I keep noticing in my inventory I have herbal tea, and I put it in my fridge but I keep having them every few hours or so. I just saw it appear this time on my bottom right of the screen a +1 herbal tea and I was running through the desert not crafting. Any ideas?

Maybe you just didn’t realize that your savage, bloodthirsty barbarian character was actually British. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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True I could have split personality disorder. I’ll keep an eye on it.

That’s odd, since crafting Herbal Tea is done on the cook stove and not through your inventory crafting. If it keeps appearing in your inventory, drink up. I hear it is good for you, something about anti-oxidents.

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I’m British, I take offence to that!

…God I envy you.


Do you have some other drink in your inventory? I’ve heard some drinks expire to herbal tea.

Seems odd that something would turn into herbal tea when it expires, but that would explain it if there is one that does that.

Ah, there we are. Ice Tea will expire into herbal tea. Are you by chance running around with a bunch of ice tea in your pants?

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