Drop of potion of natural learning expires in 1 minute

I just killed a mini boss gator. When I harvest with my pick I get 7 potion of natural learning, they don’t stack and they expire in one minute. Why? You might as well not have that drop then. This is a waste.


Yup, never understood that one, lol, happens all the time with those ‘corrupted’ miniboss types. ‘Ooh quick, I should respec right now in the middle of whatever I was doing’ :laughing: I guess the numbers they drop in are so that a whole clan can decide to respec on the spot… Still, at least they expire quick so you don’t have to waste time dropping them…

(More seriously - my best guess would have to be that maybe they were added as loot before they had such a short expiry time - if they lasted longer, they’d be viable loot, but lasting longer causes problems for PVP (I believe) - so maybe they’re just a leftover of some sort?)

Great thougt.

The potions should be in the loot pool only the greater animals which has a 100% spawn chance at a given point of the map (such as black rhinos and lions, some direwolves and elk kings) so you only go there when YOU WANT TO respec.

Because none of the above mentioned animals drop those potions (except the lions?), only random greater variant encounters. No player wants to just randomly respec. :rofl:

Quickly add them into your thralls inventory, then back home to the fridge.

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They actually have 2 min on default settings but yeah.

This actually never bothered me, why?
Cause I use them on the spot and can test if the new build works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to wait until my Fenrir II. grows up, and I’m gonna try it.
I’ve always put food no matter if it’s in the follower’s diet or not, and it had the same timer.

Timer goes down but it wont decay. So You have to time to put them in fridge. From the fridge u click use so theyr good.

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