Midnight Potion - Expire time: 30 seconds?

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On the PC version when the first half of the Pet System was released, I could make/buy Midnight Potion and it did not expire over time.

After Update 34, on our Gportal Xbox server, we noticed that our Midnight Potion was disappearing. One clan member noticed that it had a 30 second expiration. I have not rechecked on my PC version, but I do have a question.

Was this intentional? If so, what the h377? Seriously? 30 seconds? Even the original yellow lotus potion when it had a timer placed on it was 2:00 minutes to expiration.

I really do not understand this one.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

The expiry timer is so you cannot just carry them on you and instantly teleport out of any sticky situation. Say you’re going to raid and run into more resistance than you thought, just use the potion and you’re gone and out of it. Or say you’re facing one of the world bosses and didn’t bring enough heals, potion and gone to safety. Or say you’re just on the other side of the map and want to get back to Sepermeru quickly without a maproom…just potion and you’re there.

It’s set up so you can’t use as a get out of jail free card or a free teleport across the map. It’s you either craft or buy it and use it right away to go to the Midnight Grove or Sepermeru. Not just use it anytime you want on a whim.

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Not sure I see the harm in any of those options just smart game play. Kind of like when you carry a few lotus potions to respec on the fly as demanded.

None of those things are a big deal when you consider potion are the CE crutch for magic at the moment.

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Well you can’t carry a few lotus potion on the fly to respec anymore either as they also expire. Which is why they were also given expiry timers.

yeah true that…but still all your options really do no harm. Just because someone runs away does not mean you don;t get to kill them later on.

I understand that part, but then make it at least 1 minute. 30 seconds is way too fast of an expiration.

How far are you going to make it into the Midnight Grove if you have extras that expire in 1 minute? Answer - Not very far.

the 30 seconds has nothing to do with how long you are in the midnight grove.
And i like it, as on PVP/PVE-C, being able to loot and run is kind of an exploit. Reality is, it is so cheeap to craft (5 feral) that the intended mechanic is to only go get it if you are going to use it…not stock and use as a teleporter.

Respec-ing on the fly still gives someon the chance to fight you. and if in the middle of a fight, i highly doubt they will just let you say time out, i need to get in my fighter build…

My problem with the 30 seconds is we have players that have physical limitations with their hands and therefore, it might take them more than 30 seconds to get to the potion and take it before it expires.

30 seconds is WAY too short a time for expiration. 1 minute would be sufficient and there is no way someone could exploit it even if they bought 100 since they do not stack. All of them would expire in 1 minute.

*NOTE: Admins can always spawn potions in even in the Midnight Grove to get out. Just saying.

i agree, one minute wouldn’t hurt, or better yet, just have you teleport when you buy it…remove the potion all together.

Even that would work as far as I am concerned.

Put the potion in a pet’s inventory. That way it doesn’t decay.

2 or 3 minutes would do the same, 30 seconds is just ridiculous. I can not even run out of my Mainbase building to get me a thrall or pet on follow in 30 seconds.

Well yeah the 30 seconds may be excessive (the 2 minutes of the Lotus potion seems fine), but for all that it would be extremely convenient with a teleport, I do understand why we can’t have it. It’s the same reason you’re not allowed to “build an obelisk” (another much-requested feature). They don’t want to trivialize travel any more than it already is.

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