Drowned vault bloom fix is a joke

Seriously, you apply a fix in todays patch and if you are in the water you still can’t see most of the time. Do you guys actually test your fixes? Next time please don’t let the blind guy (god bless his soul) approve graphic fixes :slight_smile:


Agreed. I felt there was very little change.

Was no change at all from what i can tell.

yes , today i was hope to make this vault normaly but then

this happen , this isn’t even funny anymore .
They work with this game more then 3 years and still cannot fix this kinde of problems ? Sorry for me english .

This is what its supposed to look like btw - taken from trailer


Its not fixed its just as bad as before

You know what … This may not necessarily be a popular view but I like the disorientation that the light provides.

Do I think that it’s currently broken ? yes definatly ! and should totally be fixed.

But the first time you go in there and are panicing/ fighitng for breath trying ot find the way up ? priceless… same for twice drowned… it actually MADE me need ot get a water breathing potion so I had the time to learn the layout.

so I think theres a mid ground on this one . how it is currently is wrong and too much … but it’s totally got a place imho and could be use to good effect if done right.


Hey there,

This issue still persists after the fix. It is being addressed in a new hotfix coming in the near future.

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Drowned vault bloom fix is a joke

Drowned Vault Bloom Fix Does not resolve the issue

There, fixed your title.

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