Dum Question of the day!

I have a toon on a server and I’m kind of tired of the toon. Can I take off the bracelet and go to character creation, rename the toon, change sex, appearance etc and come into the game at lvl 1 but all the old toon’s stuff is there and accessible by the new toon?
Basically get rid of “A”, Make "B: and but "B: can access all of “A’s” stuff left in game?

I think I know the answer but i thought I’d ask.

Thanks Exiles

No. Recreating your character removes all attachment to the server. However, if you have another player in your clan with admin privileges, you can have them reinvite you to the clan when you come back into the server. You’ll once again have access to everything. Just a heads up, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but you will lose all learned knowledge from your exploration. Be sure you’re completely ok with starting over before doing it.

Good evening . With the Nergal table you could change the appearance of your character (for their name and gender, I’m not sure). if you are on PC in solo/co-op there may be mods for that.
Like our friend @jmk1999 specify it, if you recreate a new character, all the possessions of the old character no longer have owners.
It’s up to you to decide if you all want to start again.

As @jmk1999 said.

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