Recreate Character not doing its one job

I’ve never tried to remove myself from a server before, but it seems impossible because I’m Clan Leader.

ETA: I mean, I get why this is done this way, but if I’ve got to dismantle all my stuff just to leave honorably, I probably am not coming back. This is meant as an expression of “what a player would feel” rather than my own thing.

I think you only need to give away clan lead and then you can recreate.

But then all my stuff will stick around for 336 hours until it decays? That’s not good.

You need to find an heir. This is your new quest!

Haha now I understand why so many people do this on servers. It always seemed weird to bring people in, but now it’s all becoming clear.


I might even give it all to some random player when I stop playing on my solo server, but you never know if who you give it all to will play for a year or just for the weekend b4 it all decays, forgotten.

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Well I have friends on the server, and to be honest the reason I built the cakebox in the first place is because I had a partner who refused to make bombs on the day of raid. We always kept enough stuff around to nuke the whole server. So I wanted a place to put it where it could do no harm to my pals, or the server as a unit.

I mean, we built PvE bases to draw a fight to us. But we reinforced and made traps around the reinforcements. Under the new rules, none of the build sites or build methods are acceptable. I feel bad for PvP now. :frowning:


Right? what use are palisades if you don’t “spam” them? And are pitfalls an exploit? I remember a particularly savage war where our enemies were simply walling off obelisks and building their bases there, in the corruption. Pure madness but good memories.

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if you are the only person in the clan, you can leave the clan, retain ownership of stuff and then remake your character all your stuff will dust after a short interval.

be sure to let me know if you do this!

You know me, I’m all about testing: and you can personally attest to my worries about pressing Recreate Character instead of braceleting. Things seem to have changed.

The message that pops up says “you will leave all your stuff behind” if you leave the clan. This is much different from how it used to be. :slight_smile:

Yes I tested this today myself, while the message has changed the effect has not, you still retain ownership if you are the last person or only person in the clan when leaving the clan.

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Oh good, thank you. That sews that up for me!

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