Dungeon of ymir trapped under forge

The ymir forge has a hole in the bridge that you can fall down into a cavern where there is a ice dragon but no way out due to the no climbing factor, add some jumping stones a quick tele or some stairs.

Where it is?

In Conan Exiles

I am pretty sure I have climbed up from the dragon under the forge. U need an armour. With 2 blocks of cold insulation or hot food in there in order to keep ur temp mormal while climbing up. If u get to extremely cold/frostbite condition u cannot climb due to frost dmg u take

I never been there because it’s not the only White dragon in the game but I know peoples who go there on purpose to fight the dragon, never heard they was unable to climb out the pit.

Just a guess but I bet it’s related to their new climbing bug. Don’t get upset and say anything toxic. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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