Unable to climb in dungeons and caves

Game mode: [Online] official pvp 2812
Problem: unable to climb
Region: [America]

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So I was in the frost temple to craft a black ice pick and was knocked off the edge to the bottom with the white dragon. After fighting it I tried to climb out and was unable to. Needless to say I ran out of food. On my return I came with climbing boots and gloves(reinforced if that makes a difference). Thinking that maybe it’s just the ice being slick or something. To my surprise it still did not allow me to climb out. After dying a second time in the frost temple I tried another place (The skittering caverns). I attempted to climb in numerous places from the end of the cave to the entrance and was unable, but the moment I left the cave I had no issues. Any ideas would be great on how to escape.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Drop below the frost temple forge platform to the bottom of the pit
  2. Fight off dragon (if you want to🤕)
  3. Attempt to climb out
  4. Die of hunger :rofl::broken_heart:

Fix is on the way. The issue was patched today on PC.

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