Dyeing Surprise

When I dyed this outfit, I got a surprising result:

Look at the white parts! These normally cannot be dyed. One day later I was able to dye the usual parts red and midnight blue, so now I got this unique colored outfit. It looks cool and I don´t know how to replicate it. The same thing happened with a Stygian Soldier armor. Did I miss something? It seems to happen at random.


That’s weird. I know some armor parts (such as the chestwrap in your screenshot) don’t exist in armors for both sexes, which can cause problems when trying to dye armor for e.g. a thrall who is of a different sex than your character.

Then again, I just returned from a six-month break from the game to find that some of my armors had lost their dye, so I don’t know what all is going on with the dyes.

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I don’t know for certain but there may have been an up date since the last time you tried to dye those areas of the Medium set?

My current character has those areas dyed, and while it is on a private server RN it started out on an Official server, and those areas were dyed there as well.

I will log into a dormant Official server character to test and report back.

edit: I’m sorry but I was unable to conduct a test, first I could not locate one of my characters, I only had two as I don’t normally leave old characters on servers. And the other did not meet the necessary criteria.

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Yep, there is more than one dyeing slot… turns out I actually missed sth. Big square blocks under the picture in the dyeing window. :smiling_face:


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