How to dye tops for female thralls?

Hello. Is there a way to dye the armor chest pieces for female thralls when you are playing as a male? I’m not sure why there isn’t an option in the popup to select between male and female model so you can actually dye the “bikini” top on females that doesn’t appear for males. Thanks for your help.

Good question. When dyeing clothes or armor that have very different models for men and women, dyeing some bits takes trial and error because the preview screen shows the clothes in the shape meant for your character’s gender. And some parts may be completely unavailable for dyeing because certain parts don’t even exist for both genders, such as the chestwrap in a Darfari top.

Would be nice if there was a toggle for “show male/female version” in the dyeing screen. Our NPC friends deserve to have pretty clothes, too.

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Very true. They can add this around the same time they fix the “must unequip/reequip thrall armor for dye to take effect” bug :slight_smile:


@olT3lo I have dyed them for my female character it’s been awhile believe only the cups on the bikini take dye. I try to check it out tomorrow

So I’m guessing this is just a shortcoming of the dye system as I haven’t seen a solution posted. In the meantime, I downloaded the CharPlayerEdit (or whatever it’s called) mod just so I could change my gender, dye the pieces I wanted to dye, then change back to male.

Hopefully they’ll recognize this problem and will address it in a future update.

Supposedly the dying options are designed for both genders in mind, HOWEVER, the coloring zones may not be equivalent between genders.

The Zamorian Thief Armor is a great example. On females a large detail on the chest can be colored, on males the same zone is only the small lines going down the sides of the front.

I am wanting to make a spreadsheet about all of the dying zones but life prevents me.

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