Dyes for shields

i got some sick black ice shield but it doesnt match my armor and it annoys me, i believe in you funcom :smiley:


I’m so sorry to hear that.

OK in all seriousness this is a good suggestion. :+1:


U could have said “and saddles”

Yeah, same.

I think that being able to dye weapons and shields was something they had planned to implement a long time ago… Like around the time the game launched long time ago.

Dyeing saddles for some strange reason didn’t seem to be something they ever planned for and were surprised how many players wanted it.

I don’t know, they said something about it being difficult or time consuming to go back and add dye channels to items, but modders can make anything dyeable, so I am not sure what is really holding them back.

What is weird is saddles are dyable with mods. For example the Noble’s Scout Saddle (a DLC item) looks pretty nice dyed white.

What is interesting about that is DLC items are NOT touchable in the devkit. To make that item dyeable they had to change something (and I don’t pretend to know the exact way to do it, I just know a mod will let me do this) in the dyeing system itself with saddles.

So it wasn’t a modder going saddle by saddle giving them dye channels. But I believe simply allowing the dye channels to be open.

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