Please let us dye saddles

Its probably been asked but please make saddles able to be dyed, theres nothing worse then riding up on a standard colour saddle wearing dyed armour, it just looks so unprofessional, please consider this request and you’ll make a lot of players happy.


IIRC they mentioned it last stream, and the takeaway was that there must be some unspecified technical reason why it wasn’t in the game already.

Considering that the preview version of Fashionist has it, it can’t be too technically infeasible.

Hopefully the devs will remember to implement it natively so everyone can soon enjoy it. Really makes a big difference…


Dammit, I forgot to try dying the saddles before I took the bracelet off! It’s going to be hours before I’m back at that stage again. I knew there was something else I was supposed to be taking a look at before moving on, lol.

While that’s not quite true as a general rule (mods can sometimes get away with shortcuts the devs can’t etc), it certainly suggests it ought be doable.


I hope it happens as it sucks having black poitane armour but silver horse armour.

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