Dyeable Saddles

Please allow players to dye the saddles. Also, I would love to see more saddles and more horses!


Really hoping this gets implemented sooner rather than later. I love the shape of the Noble’s saddle, but the dark green and gold just doesn’t go with the rest of my character’s livery at all.


Dye channels on saddles would help maintain one’s colors and style aesthetics, instead of being locked in to either or. The same could be said with banners and their emblems.

As far as “more horses” is concerned, there are several coat pattern options (albeit all huge warhorses, but this isn’t RDR2, or “Horse Simulator 9000”). More mount variety (without going far into the fantasy realm) would be excellent content for a later DLC (ie: camels, elephants, donkeys, etc).

I think there are more important projects to be worked on, but this should be somewhere down the list.

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