Dying during endless loadings

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Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Select one: Crash, Bug, Performance, all
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe
Hardware: PS4

Bug Description:

Too much time to load the game when i’m teleporting, and players kill me during this interminable time because I’m vulnerable and the corruption works just bad.

Expected Behavior:

It’s very frustrating to die in this way, in the EU official server 3202 PvP on PS4, there is a clan of players that play only in this way, they have chest stores under the map too. I just want back my stuff because i lost all my health during an interminable loading screen, some time work good, but like 3/10 of the time. And i ask too a check too see if this clan are cheating. I work hard in this game and i love to play pvp, but i think i will stop playing if every time i will die in this buggy way. Please help.

Steps to Reproduce:

Just use a teleport map on this server in PS4, and often the loading screen are endless while the character is already spawned. Sometimes it also happens with other types of loading, such as the one after death or the loading to enter the dungeons.

This is not a bug, this is the game. In official pvp servers there are a lot campers close to obelisk and dungeon exits. Transfer your post to general discussion and suggest something different. If you can’t handle this situation and still want to play pvp go in private servers, admins do not allow spawn kill and raid of, but if it happens they give you back your loss and punish the player who break the rules.

Must be noticed that your internet connection affects how fast you will spawn by teleport, the faster the better :wink:

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It not just the internet connection that affect the loading speed, my brother and I play on the same wifi connection but my brother ps4 slim load faster than mine ps4 normal even though mine is closer to the router :sweat_smile: .

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@BrutusWhitefang , You know all these years that Hugo suggests to players that has unpleasant gaming experience to connect wired the console. All the tips these guys give is gold, I always read their responses to players, through other players problems I learn to defeat mine. General discussion is good, but bugs section is necessary for all of us :wink:.

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