Dying units rescource return

Hello so i have noticed that units take rescources to maintain them like cavalry needing animals (2 i believe per unit) . but when they die the rescources needed per unit do not return to the pool . as if you keep paying animals (in this case) for a dead unit, should this not be adjusted?

love the game!

this is the conan exiles forum. sounds like question for another game.

Shhhh let the developers have their praise…even if misplaced

no its for conan :wink: the rescource needed for cavalry i meant, is it cattle?

The other Conan game?

This is Conn Exiles, the other is Conan Unconquered. =3

Cause, feeding was turning off in this game. XD

I want cavalry!

Hey @Ignasi,

Could this be moved to https://forums.funcom.com/c/Conan-Unconquered/Suggestions please?

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