So no abandoned thralls are dying?



FYI- They still here as of this moment?

Did the Conan exile abandoned thrall cleanser not work?



I was ready cue-ed with “It’s raining man” had a camera ready… but they all just zombie along.

Someone said, about 1400 cest today. (?)


What’s that saying? A watched pot never boils? :stuck_out_tongue: You just know that the moment you go to bed, or go to work, or whatever, they will all drop dead.


i am curiuos what will happen, just dissapear, or walk off, or die with animation. (and sound)
All would be spectaculair CE epic lol


I am watching this closely! :popcorn:


They are going away. The week timer was to start the starvation mode. They have different starvation times it seems. All the orphaned thralls around my base are gone but up north, many still linger.

So far they just die and you will see a body that you can harvest but there is no loot. A Thugra in faction armor who was obviously geared did not drop his armor when he died. A Zamoran Thief geared archer, Same thing. They just died.


A bunch of thralls from my friends old bases just died from starvation.


Still here as of this moment I can say… No Thrapture has happened on 1506

I was kinda hopping to be able to do this but…nope not happening :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Thrapture is a dud.


Lol +1 :grin:


on official 1504, i would say 70% of the abandoned thralls died. The others are still there, floating in the air and standing around dancing or doing what not. At first I thought it was due to the fact some where close to other peoples bases/feed pots, but then found a bunch just out in the middle of know where. so not sure why some stayed and some died now. But they all should have died of starvation by now.


A bunch of my thralls have starved to death. And my pets randomly die. But the abandoned thralls soldier on. Ahh, Conan Exiles…


These guys have been here since late may.

Maybe the real plan was to get rid of player thralls and not the abandoned ones all along and they just wrapped it up in getting rid of discarded thralls …smellin’ a conspiracy.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think something else is happening:
1 The thralls that are at my base that i visit daily have died
2 The thralls at the base that is out of the way have one more day to go
btw i didnt feed them

The reason i think is that the hunger timer on thralls had to be activated. This means that someone has to have the thralls in rendering distance before the game registered them with the hunger timer.


They abandoned ones finally left that i took pics of. - thx funcom it opens up more space to work with.

How ever fish traps that have been abandoned since Mid May 2018 have not decayed in the same area- lol.


Blyker there are abandoned thralls right next to my base, and I log in every day. So its definitely NOT that. They seem to die without rhyme or reason, and stay the same. I have even emptied my thrall feed pots to make sure the abandoned thralls aren’t sneaking a snack =p Hopefully they will die soon…


try to stay in their range with your char. like 10-30 meters close to them and wait with your char the longer you can.
i have the feeling their HP only starts to decrease once a player is in range and if you don’t stay long enough untill you see them die, they will load back at full health with the next server restart.


Several abandoned thralls are dieing in my official server. Some take longer to die than others.


Some seem to die quicker than others. There were a lot of them around my base, some that were in spots a bit further out have died off in the past few days. The ones right next to my base are still around. If it was about them having to be rendered the ones next to my base should have gone first.

It seems to be yet another feature that Funcom implemented only half-baked.


Maybe you are feeding them!



Several abandoned thralls are dieing in my official server. Some take longer to die than others.

you see it(the diffrence in timing) when you are longer on a server and know the players(and those who left)