I just lost 26 named thralls levels 10-20 on official server #2509!

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Bug

I just logged on for some Conan and like the title says, 26 of my named thralls, levelled with legendary weapons and different armour sets, have died. The event log says they died and nothing else. Oh, two of my horses were killed by a “tamed bear” and maybe that’s possible, but who cares right now? The thralls started dying at 2am and they died every five minutes until 6:30am. The “tamed bear” killed a legacy black yeti that was standing near the horses, but what the hell killed all my other followers? The only thralls of mine that didn’t die were in buildings or in a grassy area enclosed by foundations. Two days ago these thralls cut a purge to shreds, so I don’t think any world boss could do this, especially over such a wide area, as they were strung out in a line in front of my walls. What the hell, Funcom?

Are you on a PvE or PvP server?

Someone probably kitted a couple of world bosses to your base hence why all the thralls outside your base died.

Hello @Mekhlis, could you provide additional information regarding your base’s setup and location, as well as the server type?

As has been mentioned, if they were exposed it’s possible that they were killed due to the action of other players.

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Hi Hugo,
Official server #2509 is pve-c; they all died between 2am and 6:30am, outside pvp times. They died at irregular intervals - 2 min., 13 min, 4 min - even before and after a server restart.
There was no cause of death listed, except one legacy black yeti (of two, set very, very far apart with a building between them) and one horse (of two, the other was right beside it) were killed by a “Tamed bear”. The yeti had been standing in the same spot unmolested since they became available and same with the horse. My base is NW of New Asagarth and I think the tamed bears escort the NPCs that wander around there. Both the horse and the yeti are on the other side of my base from NA, far from where the bears wander.
All my other thralls that died were levels 10-20, Lian, Janos, Erii, Kisthis and Dalinsia, each had a different legendary weapon and each was wearing unique full sets of armour (it looked pretty cool). As we all know, one-on-one these guys could easily kill almost every world boss in the game, but the 26 named thralls that died were at regular intervals in a mutually-supportive line in front of a long wall. There was an archer standing on the wall behind this line who was not killed - maybe I should ask him what happened. When I got purged these guys would just go out together and slaughter yeti, the NPCs or whatever.
A number of my thralls weren’t killed. Survivors included that archer, there was the dancer in the pub and twenty or so fighters standing on a grassy hill (above the line of guys who were killed) surrounded by fences, walls and foundations. The fighters on this hill would have been able to look down and see their mates dying, one at a time. Two legacy frost giants didn’t die - they are standing on a sort of fenced-in plaza that has level access to outside this area. These two giants often walk out of the fenced-in area to kill NPCs, so I doubt anything killing my other thralls walked by them.
Every follower that died was standing on grass. In front of one long building I lost a string of 26 named thralls with a black yeti close to the end of that string. On the other side of that building, on a hill some distance away, I lost two horses and a black yeti. Again, this all happened before and after a server reset.

Could you please also share a screenshot of the event log with the thrall death entries, as well as a few of the exact positions they had been placed in before dying?

Could this be a server culling for having too many thralls?

How many total thralls/pets/mounts do you have and how many clan members are in your clan?

I have the screenshots, I just have to figure out how to get them here.

You may upload them to a free hosting service such as imgur, google drive or dropbox, and share the link here broken up with one or two spaces.

Here are the event logs - what a sorry tale. I’ll send another one showing thrall positions.

The first pic shows a banner where one of my black yetis was standing. Look down the hill to the left - all my guys who died were strung-out in a line in front of my walls.

The next pic is down the same hill with a banner to show where they were standing. Then we continue moving along the wall with another banner to show where a guy was standing. Then we go to the end of the line. The last pic shows where the other black yeti was standing when he died. You can see that this is on the other side of the building where all the other pics were taken.
And, of course, the last pic won’t load.

This has been one of the biggest irritants for me in this game - losing 27 fully-geared guys out in the open, early in the morning while everyone slept, through no fault of my own. Funcom, look at these screenshots and give me some kind of answer.

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Thank you for taking the time to share these with us, we’ll be sure to relay this information to the developers so that they can look into this matter.

Seeing as it shows them returning home in your log, that means either someone or something was pulling them away from your base. If I had to guess, someone probably pulled them away by either themselves(during pvp hours)or using an animal or boss(outside of pvp hours) to pull them into a a death that wouldn’t expose who did it. Probably pulled them into your palisades or spikes to stack bleed on them. On the other hand they could have pulled them to the cliff that separates the highlands and desert and just threw them off the cliff until they died from fall damage. Turn on unfriendly access and see if anyone took the gear off them.

What I see is spikes …

If it was another player that trolled you I would say he used poison gas unless your thralls were wearing sand storm masks

Would say in the logs that someone had killed them tho

Tamed bear makes sense as the bears on the outside of Asgard are classified as this(I’m pretty sure). I now fully believe your thralls were pulled into your own palisades and bled to death, this will quickly kill thralls without it appearing in your log exactly what or who killed them. This also works outside of pvp time.

I’m not entirely sure if thralls died by poisonous gas if it would appear in the logs I personally don’t think it would but not entirely sure on that

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