Reviving Thralls

Please add a possibility to revive your thralls.

It could be done at the altar provided with the right priest (of same or higher tier than ressurected one)

optionally the priest would die to pay with his life for the resurrection - because it has a price.

  1. Explanation: Thralls can die in a stupid ways, like you are getting disconnected and the thralls keeps fighting and he dies, or you are at the volcano and he just runs in the lava, because of not having brain. Leveling them is hard and you must capture them and brake their will first in order to have them, then leveling them up again is time consuming. Thralls dieing because of poor AI or getting disconnected it’s such a massive pet peeve. Even if thrall dies because of player’s fault then the time necessary to get the exact same thrall to the exact same level is very unproportional to the mistakes necessary to loose him - due to the fact that the fault is poor AI in around 7 out of 10 cases. And when some fine thrall dies you’re like : “Ahh craap here we go again :unamused:

  2. Magic rituals of raising the dead fit very well to conan universum theme (you know, a bit like ressurection of khal drogo in GoT, but just in the conan world style)

And you know what? Let’s go even further: also add ressurection of animal companion for the jhebbal sag religion.

Are you concerned about possibility of spamming ressurected thralls in the pvp fights over and over ?
Make the dead thrall to be an object that has to be picked up and put into the altar in order to revive him. Dead body gets destroyed = not possible to revive.

Simple as that.

Do you like the idea ?

If you are afraid of losing things in a game: don’t play. Thralls can easily be replaced.

Yeah not playing this game because of it’s causing some frustrations sounds like a right solution xD
But then why the feedback category would even be here if it’s was better to just not play the game xD


If no player is around, then they stop. To render AI a player has to be in a certain distance. That is how the game saves resource power.

Yes, but there is some delay that server(game) gives you for time to reconnect in case of your connection break. In this time action still happens, right?

majority 9f the time it is a few seconds, minutevat worse. Most thralls can last that easily.

Copy-pasting my reply from another thread discussing the same suggestion:

Thematically, resurrection doesn’t fit into the Conan world. Dead is dead (unless it’s undead, but that’s probably not the sort of resurrection the OP was asking).

However - and this is a problem with many, many games - characters in the game have only two states - fully operational (even at 1 hp) and fully dead. Nothing in between. So, rather than resurrection, I’d propose a chance that a fallen follower goes into a state of “out of action and bleeding to death” rather than dying outright, giving the player a window to drag them back to base for healing. The healing could still be administered by priests at altars.

Plus, it would give players a sense of urgency regarding saving their fallen comrade, perhaps forcing difficult choices during e.g. PvP raids. and it would feel less like a “Get out of jail, free!” card.


awesome idea mate !

Perhaps it would be better if in the event of the player’s death or disconnection the slave appeared next to the bed or the player’s own bed so you can decide whether to carry it with you to recover your loot or let it go.

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