Bring em back to life

Death doesn’t have to be the end.

We have recently been able to save our thralls (I found a missing rhino at a height of about 30 meters in a completely different biome - so even living rhinos in CE can fly …:wink:) and our character can always be resurrected from the dead. Why can’t we not let killed (fight / bug) thralls and pets rise from the dead again?

For example:

  1. about the existing companion rescue


  1. At one of the shrines

  2. at a new grave / cemetery / temple

Is such an approach also conceivable for PVP? Has this topic already been discussed? Probably yes.

I think such a possibility would be exciting, especially in relation to the current “overpowered discussion”. Knowing that I would be able to reactivate a painstakingly level Thrall after its death would enable a somewhat riskier way of playing. However, I have not yet lost a thrall in combat (more than 950 hours of PVE). But I got to know the lava death, the “teleporter death” and the death of agonizing drowning in the sunken city. Please don’t get me wrong - I basically have nothing against losing a thrall in battle - but because of a bug …

Single-Player-Cheating is no fun and no solution. There should be an in-game solution. My personal opinion…

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It was suggested in a previous post titled “Rite of Resurrection” I can’t remember who by, I think it was about a week ago maybe longer. But no harm in multiple people making the same or similar suggestions, and maybe with different approaches a workable solution will present itself.


I couldn’t agree with you more. I have lost 3 tremendous thralls in the last 3 weeks due to bugs. Named high lvl purge thralls and beasts, with 30+ perk points each, so frustrating.

In over 2 years I had only lost followers due to my own stupidity or rather a learning curve. In the past 6 months, I don’t think that I’ve lost any thralls with the exception of the above 3. Being able to recover them would be awesome.

I too agree that using “cheats” to get thralls back is absolutely no fun and wrong on so many levels. I have a general “hard” rule, no cheating…in any circumstance.

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I would like to see this too, it’s a pain to relevel a thrall I haven’t actually tried to find pets yet but I could imagine that being irritating too. Maybe weaken them a little bit upon revival, sacrifice one of their levels to get them back mostly as you had them before otherwise there’s too much potential for abuse in this for servers that aren’t sandbox.

Agreed, drop a level but guarantee the previous perk obtained pre-death. Losing a +10 or higher perk is heartbreaking.

I wouldn’t say heartbreaking but it’s irritating especially when it’s the one you wanted with that thrall. Kinda like the lava thing I lost a tier 4 purge thrall to it once. I don’t take my thralls into the volcano anymore as leveling a new one is time consuming.

With the loss of my 3rd levelled follower in 3 different areas in as many weeks, I will not be taking any follower out until the bug is fixed. Could be awhile as there is no eta for this problem. That’s the impression I got while reading the wiki page ( I could be wrong though ).

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