Revive Companions

Add a placeable altar that would allow the player to make a sacrifice to resurrect fallen companions or pets.


yes please :'D


not a bad idea especially with thralls randomly deleting themselves lately. +1


I miss my horse :sob:

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How about a consumable item called “A Stick”. When you poke your dead companion with it, they revive. :grin:


Or, call it a wand and stop beating around sorcery bush. :rofl:
In all seriousness though, I don’t like the idea of resurrecting fallen companions but I do like the idea of having more interactions with thralls.

  • Maybe placing a level-1 thrall (any type) into a religious altar along with a couple other ingredients and after an hour he becomes a level-1 priest of that religion. A similar recipe could also upgrade him from level-1 to level-2 and so on.

  • Placing a companion in an altar along with religious feast could heal him completely (progress bar might take 1-2 minutes).

  • If resurrections do become a thing I vote that it is costly. Must be done in fully upgraded altar along with T4 priest, consuming the T4 priest in the process, similar to summoning a god. Side note, a resurrected thrall should come back naked, without his previous gear or inventory items.

These changes would definitely give us more meaningful interactions and, IMO, make the game more fun.


I’ll just copy what I already proposed elsewhere :wink:


Well put, I had the exact same thought after I posted this. A type of soul imbuing item that would represent the thrall. I stole it from an item in modded Minecraft.

Would be nice to add that feature to the Religion Altars. Great idea!

Example: Revive X companion can cost X religion tokens. As other user said requeriments to doing so should be Max altar Tier + T3 or T4 priest.


I created with Pippi an NPC that would ‘resurrect’ fallen animal companions. You were required to provide a soul essence, mushroom tea, and the animal corpse and in turn the NPC would do a ritual to resurrect the fallen companion with a chance of it returning as a greater.

I’m sure something like that would be doable.


Thematically, resurrection doesn’t fit into the Conan world. Dead is dead (unless it’s undead, but that’s probably not the sort of resurrection the OP was asking).

However - and this is a problem with many, many games - characters in the game have only two states - fully operational (even at 1 hp) and fully dead. Nothing in between. So, rather than resurrection, I’d propose a chance that a fallen follower goes into a state of “out of action and bleeding to death” rather than dying outright, giving the player a window to drag them back to base for healing. The healing could still be administered by priests at altars.

Plus, it would give players a sense of urgency regarding saving their fallen comrade, perhaps forcing difficult choices during e.g. PvP raids. and it would feel less like a “Get out of jail, free!” card.


@Ainz ,Well ,it is an idea , a creative one , so I support it :+1: . Welcome to the forum m8 .

otmr you can just capture another one…you know one of the actual game loops.

Please this 1000%

Could possibly replicate the ritual Akiro used when Valeria asked him to save Conan in the '82 movie.


I thought it was a great idea, for example the footman could bring down
some kind of essence that you could use at the maximum level of any religion, of course not to make it so easy the altar should be at the maximum level and beyond the essence, items that are difficult to pick up as fragments of power would be needed, Also after revived the footman would return to level 1, for the player to take the trouble to upgrade again. What do you think?

difficult to pick up? I would probably ask. A 100 fragments per revival. Or 20 greater essence. But this is very very unlikely to happen. Dead is dead for thralls

The first, last, and most important lesson of Conan: Exiles is that of loss.

Like the Zen Buddhists, you will be happiest if you have no attachments.

Easy come, easy go.

Anything that can be gotten once can be gotten again.

“Let it go, let it go…”


A chance when Follower is killed, they are instead knocked out. Able to be carried or dragged back home. Wouldnt mind that to much…

Thought of being able save my horse… is neat. At same time, the high health limit thralls have now, makes many of them hard kill as is…

Thralls should be more canon fodder, then friend…

“Take better care of your thralls!” seems like a good statement… but then again, if you can just rez them. Would you put that much care into them? Would loss be as hard?

I get that some are falling thru map, and people losing armor and gear returning them (its sucks) XD

I hate to be the downer in a discussion like this, because I do believe a mechanic to revive companions rather than losing them is a great idea. But as it stands right now… I can’t say its a good time for it.

The amount of health that thralls and pets have means that there is very little that can actually kill them. Purges can overwhelm a thrall, but in purges you’re kind of expected to have a ton of thralls. And from what I’ve seen on thrall limit posts… some players are boasting dozens of dozens of thralls.

Because thralls are so survivable. And because they are expected to be so numerous. There has to be a method to sort of expend them.

With that said. This is an excellent time to suggest that all those things simply be mitigated to have this feature. Lower overall follower (pet and thrall) health and limit the number. With the ability to revive followers instead of losing them. Such nerfs to their survivability and their numbers will be less severe.

Because lets face it. Your best Teimos or Dalansia is not the one you use in purge defense. You put them deep inside so the minions take all the losses. You use your best thralls as followers on adventurers. And right now, there is no threat of losing them this way unless something stupid happens. No boss is taking them down if they are equipped and leveled.

But if bosses and general adventuring can be a threat to these followers. Then losing them is a big deal, and we can’t have that. We’ll need a way to revive them. Whether it has a cost in material or time or both. And there has to be a cost associated. As the above poster pointed out… if you can just revive willy nilly… then you’re going to be reckless with them. So the cost has to be meaningful.

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