Idea to Generate Thralls with Altars

Playing around in single player it occurred to me that I don’t have much reason to actually use Priests + Altars. I’m aware that in PvP they are useful for Avatars, but that seems like a lot of grind for one big bang.

Additionally, on an RP level it would be nice to be able to get some followers without clubbing them half to death.

So it occurred to me - why wouldn’t a well supplied altar or a capable archpriest be able to attract certain devout NPCs to your camp? I am sure actually configuring this in such a way that it doesn’t imbalance the game would require some careful analysis and testing, but I think it could be fun.


Not a bad idea.

Could add five extra slots like in animal pens above the main inventory, then the altar could passively generate up to five thralls in them.

Could have the max tier of thralls generated be equal to the tier of the priest, so an empty altar wouldn’t generate anything, an archpriest could generate T1-3 thralls, and a named priest could have a chance to generate up to named thralls.

Possibly there could also be a crafted ritual costing zeal and the specific god’s feast (Feast of Zath would need to be added) that would generate a random thrall faster than the passive generation and with a better chance for a maximum-tiered thrall.


Yes the religions need some love on an update. well the altar is decorativ ang give some good stuffs and can hold alot of loot whit a good defens almost as a vault (whit light). But yes they are prime made for pvp and not for pve as every other thing in the game!


I support the idea.
I was really exited when I saw the trailer of Siptah that I could finally free from cages thralls.
As a pve lover I see them as companions not slaves. So yes I would love the idea of having a pacific way to gain companions.
Like @Tephra said in some point to gain a named one so it will be eventually useful :man_shrugging:.
You know, having a low level thrall as a companion is dangerous because you have to babysit your thrall with outcome your life or the companions, that this at the end is not so cool.
The only reason I target T4 thralls is this, I need to fight for my life and gains when I enter a camp or a dungeon, I cannot babysit.
So, first again, I support your idea and second welcome m8, nice to have you here :+1:t6:.


Welcome to the Forum sounds like a good idea for offline and pve server’s


Welcome @ishma
I love that idea! :heart_eyes:
Even if it takes a month to generate a pious thrall, it would add so much life to the religion sector! They would then stand around the altar or pray…sigh :heart:
This would actually create a function for a possible altar of Crom. It simply attracts Cimmerian followers or other Crom believers.
Thank you for your post!


Two words - Thrall limits. The “spawned” worshipers would have to be an empty shell and just stand there staring vacantly, as any movement would cause massive server lag according to Funcom and the so called thrall experts.
Yes, I am still mad about thrall limits. :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed:


And whit this i think we have to focus on one god to spec on and not be able to fully worship all god at the same time.


Yeah you’re right.
But it could be a feat, that lets you generate thralls only from the shrines dedicated to your one true god.

A preset feat like that could also add meaning to the choice you make during character creation (If there also was a shrine of Crom, or a smithy of Crom, or anything. Sorry :laughing: I just want to see Crom represented somewhere)


Maybe this is just me, but I didn’t interpret the suggestion like that. I would really hate it if this actually placed thralls, instead of just spawning the thrall item in the altar’s inventory.

The thrall limit problems should be perfectly avoidable if this feature is implemented to work exactly like every other crafting/taming feature currently present in Conan Exiles.


Now that you mention it. Do the animals in the pen not move too? :thinking:

If you’re referring to the rendering/appearance of the animal pen that has adult animals in it, then the answer is “yes, but”. :wink:

The rest of this post is an explanation, and I don’t want to derail the thread with it, so I’ll just put it in a “hide details” tag so it can be skipped easily.

AI, follower limit, and stuff

The follower limit was implemented because followers have AI, and AI is supposed to be one of the most expensive things that run on the server. This is why the follower limit does not apply to crafters and animals in the pen, because those don’t have any AI. They are simply rendered and animated on the client.

If you think about it, having unlimited followers in Conan Exiles is like having the ability to spawn unlimited bots in any multiplayer game. I don’t know if there’s any other multiplayer game that allows that, but it certainly sounds ambitious to me. “Let’s give players the ability to add as much AI workload to the server as they want to” sounds like a dangerous gamble, and it seems like Funcom felt that the gamble failed, because they implemented the follower cap.

Unfortunately, as @JJDancer points out with a completely justified level of salt, the follower limit did not bring the improvements we-the-players were hoping for. I still think that not restricting the player-created AI load is unsustainable, but I agree with @JJDancer that the outcome of the follower limit was, frankly, a letdown.


Or ad so it spawn some radoms when ex a purge atacks and maybe despawn back after?

That’s an interesting idea, having a fully upgraded altar (with named priest) adds 1-3 named thralls to your purge (when your purge is triggered). Obviously if you have multiple upgraded altars there would be RNG involved in which altars attracts the thralls.

Example: If I have temple of Set and temple of Ymir both upgraded with named thralls and I get purged with Rocknose, there would be a 50/50 chance that 1-3 Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers were attracted to my base (and 50/50 that it would be named Nordhiemer).


I use summon to stomp on place like New Asgard for lolz. XD

Its abit more fun now since enemies can drop eyes of set etc, which turn in for larger amounts.

I’ve always wanted a custom thrall in general. (even if limited to 1) (to by pass rng on skills/perks…hence why 1 limit) Just so I can get what I want…cause ya…rng sucks.

It be cool (as suggested) I’d say Make new pool of Fighters and Archers that come from each Altar.
Derkito Fighters, Yog Fighters etc.
Give them Unique Design, to semi Match who they belong to.


Thanks for the welcomes!

I’m no expert on Conan Exiles’s engineering but my initial suggestion assumed that any generated thralls would start as inventory items to avoid any issues with spawning characters in the world.

I like the idea of Feasts being a necessary resource, and the idea of Priests affecting the likelihood of getting thralls of certain tiers (though I’d hope that no priest was strictly necessary to generate a thrall from time to time). Ideally all of this is slower/more costly/harder than getting thralls through the Wheel to compensate for the Altar’s other capabilities and the benefit of not needing to hunt down NPCs in the first place.

IMO restricting this to a single “true god” doesn’t fit the sort of ancient syncretic polytheism vibe of C:E, and would unnecessarily introduce a character restriction in a game otherwise free of such restrictions.


I agree.


A very good idea.
I would create a new type of fighter: war monks. During, say, two hundred hours of playing, one monk can be created. Let them be strong, but they will drop everything five times a day and fall to their knees in a minute prayer, forgetting about everything and not reacting to anything :innocent: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


In other words, thrall limits would restrict you from removing them from the altar. So for those of us at the hard cap, we just get another chore of cleaning out our altars once in awhile, correct?
This is usually going to be a yes or no answer, no wall of text is needed. Thank you.


That would be against the lore of the Hyborian Age by such a massive degree you couldn’t even make that work. No Stygian would ever worship Mitra. Basically no Aquilonian would ever worship Set (yeah maybe 1% of them might, probably less than that honestly). How many of them would have even heard of the Khitain gods, or the Vendayan gods, or the other way around. No Vanir or Aiser would care about their weak southern gods either. You get the point.

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