Revised religious thrall suggestion: Devotees

Thinking about what I posted earlier here:

I’ve come to agree that my previous suggestion was a little TOO much high fantasy, so how about a similar, but toned down version?

First, rework t3 shrines so that in addition to their normal function, unconscious thralls can be dragged there as an alternative to the WoP. Once a thrall is placed, it begins to consume 300 MoZ at the same rate as a WoP would consume gruel to convert the thrall into:

A Devotee of [Your God Here]!

These would be specially skinned thralls, wearing religious-appropriate Clothing, armed with your religion’s weapons (no equipment slots), and would have the same abilities as mentioned in my previous post (Zathite would be changed to armed with special crippling daggers instead of a ranged crippling attack and maybe immunity to poison).

These Devotees would have glowing eyes matching the color of your maxed out shrine and maybe shinier or glowing versions of their armor. As mentioned previously, they’d have a special perk pool with no negatives and start with higher-than-normal stats.

For food, they’d eat only whatever your religion harvests (hearts, blood, shards, etc.) for a flat +5% bonus to leveling chance across all stats OR their specific religious feast for a flat +15% chance across the board. Other foods have no effect (they won’t eat anything else).

For enhanced flavor, each devotee emerges from their conversion with a randomly generated name from specific lists for each religion ie: Haruvast the Zathite, Talaena of Mitra, or Bolvar of Ymir (though players are still free to rename them).

Having Priests at the altar speeds the conversion in the same way a Taskmaster would.
And if reworking shrines to function as a Holy WoP is just too much code gymnastics, then at t3 Feat for each religion give us another building that serves the proposed purpose.

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