Two new structures I would love to see

  1. A training gauntlet you can put fighter thralls in you can see them swing the sword on the wooden training dummy etc your thrall can increase in exp from level 0 to max with it but you need to put in alot of food due to the energy needed to train, base would look more animated with the movement too.

  2. You can build an attachment to the Altar that lets you bring thralls / mounts back to life.


I’m sure it doesn’t fit in the Conan lore, but as someone who has lost too many wolves, I’d LOVE this addition. But I can really appreciate the troubles Funcom has gone to to keep the game as close to Conan lore as possible. So I seriously doubt ressurecting lost thralls and pets will ever be an option.

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Resurrection after they have been dead? Maybe not. But reviving a downed follower is definitely a possibility.

While I like the idea, I think being able to passively train them to max removes too much from the game, and you would never be able to become a great fighter by only training on a dummy. I think passive training to level 10 or maybe 15 would be better.

The ability to bring back recently fallen followers was a planned feature for Chapter 2, but didn’t release for some reason. Possibly just a few extra bugs to squash and it will come in Chapter 3 instead.


Your character comes back after being dead :slightly_smiling_face:

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That would be alright as well maybe up to level 15.

Rather than just giving thralls exp, which can be gained by playing normally, I’d like to see a training field that would upgrade T1 fighters to T2, T3 and finally T4. The higher the tier, the more the training should cost in resources, but it would turn lower-tier waste-of-space followers into something more useful.

I don’t think raising the dead in any form other than undead fits the lore, but as Taemien says, saving a follower from the brink of death soon after they’ve fallen (say, within 30 to 60 seconds) would be very welcome.


People make various suggestions about upgrading thralls from time to time, but this is not so easily done and likely never considered by someone who understands how thralls work under the hood.

A T2 is not an ungraded T1, they are different entities. Different entities that may belong to the same faction and have similar stats and gear, but still different.

It is not like promoting Bob the intern into a manager, it is more like transforming Bob the intern into Jeff the manager. Bob is not Jeff. Bob cannot be Jeff. Bob is Bob, Jeff is Jeff.

Unlike Bob and Jeff, thralls don’t have personalities. Only numbers. Swapping one set of numbers with another should not be a huge project.

Heck, it wouldn’t matter if the thrall’s item_ID was changed from HyborianExile_Fighter1 to HyborianExile_Fighter2 or whatever they’re in the database, because for a player, the significant things to tell thralls apart are the appearance and name.

If you change the ID, you reroll a brand new NPC. New name, new appearance, new stats.

Bob no longer exists, now you have Jeff.

The appearance is also just a set of numbers. The Fashionist mod already has a tool for copying that information from a thrall so it can be applied to another thrall.

I can’t get on board with this for two reasons:

  1. Passive leveling of thralls removes a reason to interact with the world’s more dangerous elements and environments

  2. Reviving dead thralls removes the impetuous to treat them as a valuable resource

So, I don’t like these ideas and would not like them implemented.

But you do. And that’s okay. Our difference of opinion is not a matter of right and wrong, but of preference.

Best of days to you.

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I’m not going to pretend I know anything about how a video game works (I don’t even really understand how a light bulb works), so forgive my ignorrance.

But doesn’t the Wheel of Pain already convert one game item into another game item? A NPC into a converted thrall with the same appearance? And it changes statistics too, when you put an extra-large t4 NPC in, and a normal sized converted thrall comes out.

It seems to me a “Wheel of Training” (for lack of a better name) could convert Bob into Bob2. Just my ignorrant opinion.

Incandescent bulbs are relatively straightforward. When current passes through a thin tungsten filament, it heats up sufficiently to glow white hot and produce light. The inert gas inside the bulb prevents oxygen in the air from… oh… thralls.

Thralls as items becoming thralls as NPCs is a bit different from transforming a thrall into another thrall.

In the case of fluorescent lights, when current passes through electrically-conductive mercury vapor, it excites the gas, causing it to emit ultraviolet light. A coating of phosphor on the inside of the glass changes the wavelength down to the visible… oh… uh… thralls.

When you clobber a thrall, it is already a specific thrall and is transformed into an item storing some details about that specific thrall you whacked when you put it into the wheel. When it is converted, the item form still has that same information and is turned back into the NPC when placed, at that time also receiving its unique stats. The stats aren’t stored in the item form, which is why the base game doesn’t allow you to pick thralls back up (mods that allow this inherently have issues too).

Light-emitting diodes are a bit more complex. They are semiconductors that produce electroluminescence by combining electrons into electron holes, which are basically gaps where electrons want to go. Filling the electron hole releases energy, the wavelength of which is determined by the band gap of… thralls… right…

Converting a thrall into an item and back again is a mechanic that has been in the game for ages, but converting one thrall into another is something that would require additional work. I am not familiar with how the Fashionist mod copy/pastes thrall data from one to another or what kind of issues doing that might cause. Mods are more concerned with getting desired results than consequences though, so just because a mod does something doesn’t mean the game can do it the same way.


Love the idea of training dummies, but surely not to max level. Level 10 tops, for the good quality training props.

Maybe 15 for with legendary recipe and exotic building materials.

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I like this

I’d like to see a rowboat added

I agree about not rezzing thralls/pets, even though I’ve lost both to system glitches in the past.

About the training, as someone who has limited playing time, and it seemingly takes forever to level a thrall/pet, I’d still say no.

The reason is not so much CE based, but also what I saw while playing WOW a while ago. The leveling system went insane and you could get to max level fast. But those players also did not know their class. Dying because some idiot thought he should pull the boss as a cloth wearer happened more times than I like to remember. The same with CE. Learning the limits of your pet/thrall comes with use, and not endgame use.

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