Dynamic, Challenging PvE

In my experience, Conan Exiles has been one of the most interesting, challenging and diverse survival games I have played. But I play pretty much exclusively solo PvE, and there are some things in the survival part of the game that I have noticed are lacking. There comes a point when you realize the danger of this game can be more or less totally cheesed.

1: The Wildlife Combat: first problem is simple, and should be an easy fix. If you run away from wild animals they can’t touch you. They have to “wind up” for an attack, which essentially means you are invincible if you just keep moving. This breaks immersion and makes travelling in dangerous zones way too easy! Wolves and Tigers should be able to easily out-run and tackle a human on foot. Animals especially, but also NPCs need some kind of attack that can be performed while moving. To use an example from another game in the genre, most creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved will not only out-run the human players, but easily attack them while giving chase, which makes the dangers of the wild much more real, which ultimately more fun!

2: Spawn Variety, Patrols and Roaming: After you memorize where the animals spawn, it becomes so simple to just outright avoid any trouble at all in this game (which is redundant since you can out-sprint literally everything). The wildlife and human NPCs should be unpredictable and roam to at least some extent. Imagine for example, instead of making a wide circle around that Tiger sitting on a rock, you have to keep your eye out because his territory is the whole circle, and he may be lying in the bushes up ahead! Or do you take the same path back to your base after harvesting brimstone? You had better watch out, because here comes a band of slavers travelling from X to Y!

There are many more changes I would like to suggest, but these are the only ones I have not seen someone already bring up so far. I think that even just the smallest change of allowing animals and NPCs to attack on the run would add a great deal of quality to this already fantastic game!

And to finish, a brief summary of changes that need to happen (if possible) but are already thoroughly suggested by other posts:

  1. Purge difficulty that changes depending on the size and tier of your base.
  2. Blocking, dodging, healing and climbing for NPCs.
  3. Challenging sandstorm that actually spawns the creatures from the trailer. (I was disappointed when I read the in-game journal that seemed to suggest that this was already a feature)

Agreed, I think it’d be cool if the sandstorm mechanic was carried onto different zones but was just given a different effect EG.

  1. Mountain area = Blizzard, making you even colder, lowering vision and giving you a cripple effect when walking into the wind and a speed buff (both slight) when walking away from the wind

  2. Volcano = Small eruptions making some access harder while having a low chance danger of rocks hitting you in the head

  3. Jungle = insect swarms that swap your moment controls around briefly while applying poison the longer you stay in the swarm cloud

4 Savannah = Stampedes - you hear a rumble and see dust in the distance, move.

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