Easier dismantle?

I got this really long big wall i want to redo, is there any easier way to dismantle than going 1 by 1?

If the return of scraps is not what you want, drop stability to 0 by dismantle lower pieces.

You only get the return of scraps when dismantling a particular piece.

Are you on an official server?

In single player on PC
You can make yourself administrator, put the reticle on the object you wish to dismantle as if you are going to dismantle it normally. Hold the Shift and Ctrl keys, then tap the Delete key.

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if use this one, watch out, it has pretty a big radius :smiley:


If you’re using the PC admin mode, prefer Shift+Del to Ctrl+Shift+Del. The Shift+Del shortcut will only dismantle one piece. The Ctrl+Shift+Del will dismantle one piece if you’re aiming at it, but if you aim at the ground, it will dismantle all pieces in a fixed radius. TLDR: use Ctrl+Shift+Del only when you want to mass-dismantle pieces in a certain radius, for more precision work use Shift+Del; both are still better than running and using radial menu.

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