Easter Egg at the memory bank

Bounty: If the awesome staff member will own up to their Mistiness, I will send them an authentic Crow T Robot t-shirt, and nominate Conan Exiles for an entry in the official MST3K fandom memory alpha.

If anybody else is a MST3K fan, or a PBS/Raúl Juliá fan, or a fan of pre-Matrix matrix films that may have been ripped off by The Matrix, here’s an Easter Egg for you.

Fingal Firetender
Jamila, Pirate Queen

Provenance: Subject of Season 8 Episode 22 of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Raúl Juliá “stars” in the PBS American Playhouse show Overdrawn At The Memory Bank as none other than Aram Fingal. A supporting character is named Djamilla, mis-credited on many prints (including the one I was forced to painfully watch on Public TV as a kid sans riffing robots) as “Jamilla.” :sob:

Any other finds out there?



The following list is provided by the Conan Exiles developer, Robtheswede. List was made off of memory and could be missing other references.


Right. I’m thinking of things that aren’t you know, already known Easter Eggs. Not really useful info if you can just google “Conan Exiles Easter Eggs.”

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Nice find! :smile:

I can’t wait to see if anyone is able to come up with anything. This is the second time such a thread comes by since putting the list on its own page and it stays exciting.


Inserts “Wiki contributors have no freedom of speech in this comment section. I also absolutely want no wiki links because I already know about the list and all that.”

Just fyi, we’re just letting you know the page exists, we can’t read your or others’ minds.

Info can be useful even if you can Google it. Some search results I’ll never find or things are archived, outdated, unclear…

I dont know if there are many manga fans in the dev team, but i reckon whoever named Risa the Brutal has been reading Prison School.

There are many characters named after me in the game:

Black Hand Captain
Captain Ioshuwa
Captain Ermetius

and probably a few more.

I mean, I am the original Captain.


Oh there are very, VERY many easter eggs that haven’t been discovered. VERY MANY.


Do not want to be disrespectful but with

  • performance issues
  • glitch
  • freeze at every 2 min
  • exploits
  • annoying bug climb mechanics
  • bugs
  • really bad AI
    it is hard to make a difference and appreciate a ester egg
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I understand that but maybe let the ones who do appreciate it have their own thread to discuss them without derailing the actual conversation? :slight_smile:


Im sorry if you feel this way, (may be the language barrier) in small wards i say the ester eggs are welcome just hard to notice one :slight_smile:
Pleas don’t be so defensive. thank you

For now we can focus on everything which is visible in the game, likely the majority of them. It’ll be a rare find in a game which does not rely on the player’s timing.

Rob was very kind to provide us with a list of some of the thrall name references, his personal ones included. We would have needed to dig around a lot…

Keep searching and you will find something some day :slight_smile:

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Haha Manos, the handful. :smiley:

I see if i ever run across you on PC PVP, that you are prepared for a quick snort of the red dust :slight_smile:

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I recently caught Takfor Detdu the Darfari Purge archer. “What a weird name for a Darfari”, I thought, then tried to say it out loud and it sounded like Swedish. Then I remembered Funcom is Norwegian (the languages are very closely related). “Takk for det, du” indeed.

And of course, even though it isn’t technically an Easter egg, every time I kill a Shemite cook I say to myself “then again, she might not”.

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I love it, and thanks for sharing. One of my favorite rainy day activities is to watch a contemporary movie in its native language without subtitles. Takk is a sound I know very well! (Thanks for that, Dragon Tattoo series.)

Argggghhhhh! :roll_eyes: :smiley:

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