Easy to implement quality of life improvements

  • Make elevators default to the ground position. Because we need them in most cases to get up. With their slow movement, it is twice the waiting time and in the end, we are faster climbing.

  • Add a pole to the end-point of draw bridges. Make it lockable like chests. So people can call the drawbridge like an elevator.

  • Set default of chests to locked.

  • Add heat and cold information to building parts.

Thank you!


Or simply steal the idea from the mod community, where elevators have configurable speed. The mod exists; it shows it can be done.


I take mine down from my home, and few spots… that be abit counter productive. XD

I guess in online play… if your forgetful sure?

Sounds like someone is little bit lazy

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Make Bragas fire produce warmth :ok_hand:


I like the idea of adding the heat/cold resistance informstion to building pieces, even if it is only the small sun or snowflake icon. One of my own if I may:

  • increase the stack size for Yellow Lotus flowers

Make it so only clan members can utilize the elevator command. Nothing worst than going up your pillar base and having a troll messing with the elevator.

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As you wish


I am not sure that is “easy to implement” since only the top of an elevator is the actual object.

I am not sure either - it depends on the code.

But only for PvE then. Make the elevator lockable with the same server setting that locks crafting stations and fridges

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This is a huge mystery to me. First time I builded one, I thought this is so cool. So, I closed it and quickly ran outside to see what it looked like and then couldn’t open it again. Instantly wondering what the point of them are then? And how on earth when they designed them and decided to add them to the game, that not one person apparently raised their finger and asked how you were suppose to open them from the outside? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean, historically, drawbridges weren’t supposed to be opened from the outside. That was kinda the point.

But I agree that realism and historical accuracy should be in service of gameplay and fun, not the other way around :slight_smile:

Drawbridges SHOULD remain locked from the outside, ok the gameplay but come on, the entire point of a drawbridge is to remain unaccesible form the outside.
The fact that a lord returning to his den/castle and not able to open due to the lack of soldiers/servants/thrall opening from him should be addressed somehow.
I think that devs originally had the idea of having thralls opening doors and use environments somehow: I remember I saw one of 'em saying that in an interview, but the idea was never implemented I suppose.

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Correct, in a best case scenario you could assign a fighter thrall to the bridge that opens it, whenever the player comes home but this is a not so easy to implement solution. I don’t think this will come any time soon. I would love some thralls that operate elevators or siege cauldrons too, but all of this would need an entire new mechanic, that allows thralls to be at the same time physically present in the game, fighting enemies and slotted into a container like an item.
Adding the mentioned pole is just copy-pasting what is already in the game and faster accomplished. It is not perfect, yes, but I think it is more likely to ever be implemented.

I understand the desire of people for more realism, arguing, for example, that draw bridges are not designed to be opened from outside - because it makes a game more immersive. But in my experience realism always falls flat from top to bottom, meaning, there is always something important that can not be handled like in the real world, which then leads to less important things to be impossible to make realistic and so on.
We can’t create NPCs that behave like real medieval knights. Thus we can’t defend castles as they would. Thus we can’t use siege engines as they would. Ultimately we can’t even use a draw bridge like it was designed to.

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