Echoes in the Night - [PC | RP | PVE/PVP | 18+]

Welcome to Echoes in the Night, a friendly text-based RP server for PC players set in the low-fantasy world of Robert E. Howard’s Hyboria. Our server offers custom in-game content and an active team of staff constantly working to bring you exciting new events, quests, and dungeons! We aim to provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all players in the Conan Exiles community.

After fleeing the Exiled Lands by boat, surviving characters have washed ashore in a strange land. The castaways have banded together to make a small camp for safety and are looking to form a Castaway Council. What is this? Join us to find out more and to make your mark on these new Savage lands!

Server Information
Name of Server: Echoes in the Night
Server Map: Savage Wilds
Age Restriction: 18+
Max. Capacity: 70
Text or Voice RP: Text RP
Server Access/Application: No Whitelist / Application required to become full member of the server

Server Settings
XP Rate: 3.0
Gathering Rate: 2.0
Resource Respawn Rate: 0.8
Day/Night Ratio: 0.6 / 0.1
Hunger/Thirst Settings: 0.5 / 0.5
God Avatars Enabled: No
Drop Equipment on Death: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: No
Decay: Off (Buildings removed after 2-3 weeks of inactivity)
• PVP Enabled
• Pippi starter kits and level boost

Server Mod List:

Server Rules
• Buildings must be immersive and realistic
• PVP/hostile actions must have an IC reason
• Detailed rules and guidelines can be found on our server website:

Allow us to introduce you to Masis;

– an untamed land surrounded by impassable mountains and leviathan infested seas. Storms on the horizon create waves nigh impossible to sail, entrapping anyone here who survives making it to the shore. To those who were bound for an exile’s fate, Masis provides a brief reprieve. It is a rich land, lush with resources and begging to be conquered. For those who came from a civilized place, Masis can be a frontier of savage barbarians, with a few scattered bastions providing safety and sanctuary against the hostile elements.

The Hope of Salvation

Flotsam from the many shipwrecks has been used to build the small village of Salvation. Most exiles wash up near Salvation’s boundary and find themselves tended by healing hands before being released onto Masis’ savage wilds. Those who owe their gratitude to Salvation serve on the village’s council, making decisions on what is to become of the small shanty town built upon the shores. Will it grow to greatness? Or succumb to political infighting around the council table?

The Corsair Conundrum

A recent celebration brought many of Masis’ denizens to Salvation for an oyster bake, hosted by the village’s Captain. All went well until a band of Corsairs made an appearance. After being caught cheating in a high stakes drinking contest, a brawl ensued that left the Corsair’s bosun a cooling corpse on the floor. There is bound to be retaliation from the Corsair pirates who are notorious for their bloodthirsty ways. What is to become of Salvation? Join today and have a hand in the story!

The Hyperborean Threat

Those who thought to flee from the Corsair Conundrum in the south found themselves pincered in by a growing Hyperborean threat in the north. Keen-eyed scouts keep a lookout against the northern giantmen’s movements, while staunch allies and defenders keep a vigilant watch over the narrow passes. For now those gathered at the snowline lie in a stalemate, each one awaiting the move of the other. What part will you play in this growing conflict? Will you ally with the defenders? Or join with the White Hand to wipe out southern civilizations?

Professions and Guilds

With the introduction of Guilds to Salvation, each character has the opportunity to join a profession and create items unique to their job skills. Though not intended for enormous mechanical benefits, each class provides profession-based roleplay fodder for our Scout, Harvester, Scholar, Animal Hander, Crafter, Trader, and Defender guilds.

Roleplay Flags

Our roleplay kits make looking for roleplay and showing you are interested in roleplay very easy! Utilizing our dot system, you will become a colored marker on the map showing your availability for roleplay and story content. This is an excellent system for finding and making new friends, enemies, or frenemies!

Player Stories and Events

Our server event team will work closely with you to bring your player event to life. From storylines to one-off events, you will have a team ready to provide any extra details to enhance your clan’s roleplay efforts. Recently, some of our player events have included:

A drinking contest at a local player-owned tavern.

An infestation of shaggai fliers needing to be stopped at the Blood Hills.

A mammoth hunt and moot hosted by staunch northerners


There are still thousands of stories to be told and adventures to be had. Come, join us today in Echoes of the Night! We’ll keep the leviathan at bay long enough for you to make it to the shore and decide what the future has in store for you.

Thanks to Stoneblade, Vibing Valkyrie, and GrunkleDeros for allowing use of their screenshots!