Echoes of Oblivion New RP Server

We would like to welcome you to Echoes of Oblivion!

The basics:

For adults 18+

North American 30 slot server (can expand)

Factional based roleplay with map regions, pvp and warfare

Mid Fantasy


Server Lore

The damned are coming, those who have yielded to the dead; to extinguish all that we hold dear. But we are the Unbroken. We will not yield. ~Genseric - Leader of the Unbroken Alliance

An undead lord leading the north set on conquest; a rebel alliance in the south trying to stop the steady advance of the scourge and the odd conglomeration of magic, merchants and mercenaries in the east. Which faction will earn your favour, and your sword?

Server settings

No drop on death

4x Harvest

4x XP

No purge/avatars

Kits and boosts available
Less mods, less lag, less wipes!

Server Mods


Roleplay Mod


Less Building Placement Restriction

Exiles Extreme with Feat Blocker

Thrall Wars


RP Aesthetics

Aquilonian Females



Improved Quality of Life

Stacksize Plus


Our Server Goes Live on 1/8/2020. The Mod team is working tirelessly to make sure that everything is ready for our first Event weekend on 1/11/2020. We hope to see you there

The war for the Exile Lands is officially on!

With the assassination of a dozen of all the factions top leadership the Lingering Damned and the Unbroken are once again embroiled in open war.

The server’s first event ended in a litteral bang with the site of a peace treaty being ripped apart by explosives. Someone wants the fighting to continue.

The Lingering Damned and The Unbroken need fresh troops for this new war. Open conflict and raids have yet to begin as factions aquire resources and new blood. Come join us in a fight for control of the Exile Lands. We strive for Biweekly story events and faction based conflcit.

With tensions escalating the Lingering Damned have made efforts to disrupt the Unbroken’s war efforts while on the opposite side the Unbroken have begun deeper incursions beyond the boundary spillway. With the Archlich absent and waves of new soldiers flocking to both banners its only a matter of time before the Exile Lands devolve into open warfare.

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield