The Unbroken RP-PVP (Upcoming Wipe!)


We invite you to join the Unbroken, a RP-PVP server with an emphasis on RP quality. Our community is small and we intend to stay that way - our priority is finding players that bring interesting ideas and will mesh well with our established base of about twenty players. Our administration team is dedicated to facilitating a fun and fair place for all of our players. The Unbroken has no head admin. Any arbitration necessary is achieved through consensus, with each member of the team having an equal voice in any deliberation.

The Exiled Lands are a harsh and unforgiving place and conflict is inevitable. Our community enjoys the competitive side of RP. Our PvP rules have been developed as a collaboration by our existing community to ensure that those players who want to partake in high-stakes conflict have that opportunity, while those who prefer a less stressful experience have the ability to avoid consequences like permadeath. No matter what kind of character you want to play, you will be able to enjoy telling your story in a rich, ever-shifting political landscape. We are committed to telling an interactive story with our player base. This includes an overarching plot with DM’d events and admin created dungeons. Come join us for a fun, dynamic community of players who focus on the writing and story aspects of this experience!

As we kick off a new storyline, now is a great time to join Unbroken!

Our server is located in NA and is restricted to ages 18+.


  • Dedicated CPU Core & IP address, upgraded SSD for excellent server performance

  • High standards of RP quality

  • Periodic Bonus XP/Gathering Weekends

  • Player and Admin Hubs

  • Friendly, close knit OOC community!

  • Active and Impartial Administration Team

  • Builds featured on Conan Exiles 2019 Trailer

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Server Settings

XP rate: 3.0
Gathering Rate: 1.2
Day/Night Ratio: 1:1
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.1
Drop Equipment on Death: Off
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: No

Password Is Required
Max Capacity: 30 players



Unlock+ with Pickup




Server Ruleset

Our rule set facilitates competitive play while encouraging OOC communication between all parties involved. Consequences like permadeath, mutilation, and enslavement can occur for those characters who have earned such harsh measures through their actions - but for those who wish to walk a more peaceful path, you never have to worry about your character facing death unless you choose to escalate the conflict.
Our complete rule set is available on our discord - we encourage you to join, give them a read, and ask our members any questions you might have!

Server Culture

At Unbroken, our main focus is on telling a collaborative story with interesting characters. Our flagged/unflagged PVP system lets individual players decide how much risk they’re willing to take on. Despite being a PVP server, permadeath has been rare, and we have had no problems with griefers or abuse.
Though the majority of our players are based in NA, we have players from across the world and typically have people online at all times.
ERP is welcome, but is not the main focus of our server and typically occurs behind closed doors.
We encourage players to get involved with our DM-run events and an overarching plot with the feel of a freeform D&D campaign, and reward participation.
Out of character, we seek to foster a friendly and inclusive environment with the feelings and comfort of our players coming first.

Server Lore

The clans of the exiled lands are in recovery. Having defeated a serpentfolk prophet and his plans to bring endless night, the desert kingdom of Bennu settles into unsteady peace. In a time of building and rebuilding, alliances shift, and not all want or need the queen’s protection.

The once mighty warriors of the highlands, the Ulvstadr, have met a terrible and mysterious fate. Their home bombed, and nearly all missing, the northern city of Nyr Von is slowly rebuilding its strength and population. Though it was assumed that they had been taken by serpentfolk, evidence now suggests a newer and greater threat. Exiles fear it is only a matter of time before they suffer a fate like the previous ruler of the north.

And far away, in the harshest regions of the north, a new kingdom rises. The Greenseer of the Rylsk Imperiya makes claim to all land touched by snow. Her people claim to have the blood of giants, and warn all outsiders away from their territory, even as the undead begin to expand out of the Black Keep…

Where To Find Us

Incredible Builds!

Fun Events!

Social Community!

Wipe incoming!

At the conclusion of our current storyline (ETA 1 month or less) we will be completely wiping the server and taking Unbroken in a new direction! Join us as we claim the exiled lands for…

The Kurtari Sultanate
For most, the exiled lands are a place of punishment. For some, it is a place of opportunity. The Sultan Mhazuz Kurtar, distant cousin to King Yildiz of Turan, has established his own empire within the ghost fence. Mhazuz and his army have set to work establishing civilization in their own image, enforcing their will on all newcomers. Searching for something, though only a few within the Sultan’s inner circle seem to be aware of what.

For those willing to obey and prove their loyalty, even exile can be a rich and lavish experience. For others, the Sultan’s policies seem stifling and oppressive. Life is harsh under the Kurtari Sultanate, but harsher still to those who choose to defy them.

  • The onset of the server will have one established faction: The Kurtari Sultanate. All other characters will be newly arrived in the exiled lands.

  • There will be, by design, a major power imbalance. The odds and the rules themselves will be heavily stacked in favor of the Kurtari Sultanate and their allies. Bringing them down by use of brute force will be incredibly difficult.

  • Expect hardship. The Sultanate will demand tax and tribute from all within the exiled lands, and some resources may be restricted. Turani are favored above all. Failure to comply with laws and mandates will result in punishment.

  • We will encourage players to make use of not only PvP, but also subterfuge, social maneuvering, and espionage, as well as the #events-request channel.

  • The Kurtari Sultanate is not meant to be an “admin” faction. The Sultan will be not be a player, but rather an NPC /acted by the admin team in collaboration, allowing admins to play their own characters. We will also be asking for volunteers who want to play on the side of the Sultanate!

  • We’re still working out some details, including a rework of the flagged/unflagged/token system and other rule adjustments!

Now is the best time to join Unbroken!