Shattered Remnants 18+ RP-PvP

Shattered Remnants 18+ RP-PVP ( – Exiled Lands Map

The Exiled Lands are a mysterious and dangerous place. Be that as it may, some folk do not go there just to die. Some thrive.

Shattered Remnants story takes your character on the path they choose. Active Administrators and Storytellers are eager to help you influence and impact the world around you. The stories you build with other players are up to you, but your actions when it comes to the various NPCs and factions you encounter will matter.

Shattered Remnants overarching storyline is not mandatory. You are here to make your own path.

Amazing community!
Unobstrusive theme: you can play your character without engaging in the server-wide story arc and still find deep, enriching role-play!
Active, supportive administrators!
Donor perks!
Dynamic quests and role-play hubs!
No Purge!
No Avatars! (No need to fear the wrath of the gods!)
No decay!

Discord is required for full access to the server.

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Find us at Shattered Remnants !

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Savage Steel
Savage Steel vol II
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Better Thralls
Unlock Plus (with Pickup)
Primal Armors
Aquilonian Females
Improved Quality of Life
Barbarian Barber
Akuba’s Salon
RP Aesthetics (RA)
Northern Timber
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Desert Town
Immersive Armors
Extreme Exiles
Eastern Exiles
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Shadows Player Dancers
Stacksize Plus
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
Hosav’s UI Mod
Custom Stats
Ravencrest Couriers
Beyond Theatrics

NA West
We have members from EU and other continents as well

Currently 20 Players


Open, requires Approval via Discord prior to full access

XP rate: 1x
Gathering Rate: 3x
Day/Night Ratio: Balanced Days & Nights, effectively One in-game day per 12 Hour Reset
Hunger/Thirst settings: .10 Hunger .05 Thirst
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: No

4pm - 12am Pacific US Time

Yes, the application is completed and submitted on the discord.

–Precedence is given to official lore in determining what is appropriate for Shattered Remnants. This is a growing, changing area and therefore, the server may adapt to what is developed. Open, respectful communication is welcome. The following rules have been established based on lore:
–Characters are sterile and as such may not become pregnant. Families with children are not found on the Exiled Lands. Children are not born onto the Exiled Lands. This is a violation of the age play rule. Do not do it.
–Characters possessing magical traits or powers MUST be approved by Administration. While magic is clearly present on the Exiled Lands, it is uncommon and comes at a heavy cost to the user. See the section on Magic for more information.

The full rule list is on our discord server. This is a highlight.

–First and foremost, this is an adult server with strong sexual themes and interactions based on player consent. For that reason, this server is for players 18 years of age and older ONLY; if you are a minor, DO NOT continue with the approval process. Players proven to be under the age of 18 or portraying a character under the age of 18 (often referred to as age-play) WILL be removed from the server.
–An Island Divided is a consent-based server. This means you are not allowed to force a role-play situation on any other player(s) without expressed consent.
–A player should never initiate PVP without a valid role-play reason. Intentional killing-on-sight (KOS) and raiding is forbidden.
–Theft of any sort must be consented to and must occur for in-character reasons. OOC theft is not permitted under any circumstances.
–A player may or may not consent to perma-death. If a player does not consent to perma-death, the conditions of defeat in a RP-PVP scenario need to be discussed and agreed to beforehand – this may include capture, serious injury and withdrawal from the battlefield, or other consequences.
–Never stack foundations, including fence foundations.
–Land claim footprints are scaled according to solo player or clan size. Builds may be no more than 10 pieces in height.
–Thrall and pet allowances are scaled according to solo player or clan size.
–There is a 30-day cap on player inactivity. Activity levels are assessed weekly.

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Our resident “Meat Man” and his Tavernkeep wife “Found” this abandoned cathedral and turned it into a home on the island.

I would suggest against unannounced visits.

Follower of Nyarlathotep and Void Walker Lirilith posing in front of her Cathedral.

Go see our Mistress of Lovecraftian Horror to learn more about the void, madness, and all things Old Gods.

The lovely Viveca, Captain of the Raven’s Roost, surveying the island she and her crew seem to have found themselves stranded on. Bring her some rum and you might find yourself a valuable ally.

‘Shattered Remnant’ Patch Notes - January 14th, 2022:

After a long period without any updates, as we were rather self sustaining, a new year has begun and with it, a long and much needed bit of attention has been given to Shattered Remnants. It is strongly encouraged that you give these notes a read, lest you miss out on anything limited time. I will try to be brief.


The Relic Hunters quests have been updated. And, they have moved, once more, ever pressing their way to their destination. Seek them out and continue their journey with them, if you wish to!

The Nordic chefs in the Bazaar will be cooking up a new plan within the next two weeks. Please, if you want to have the quest chain for them, and the quest chain for Brennan the Meat Man under your belt, within the next two weeks, they will be updated to their new continuation.

The Watchers quest to the north has NOT been changed. Due to the holidays, life and other various interruptions, you may STILL complete the Watchers quest. I WILL be returning to this in the next two weeks, so if you wish to continue on, please keep that in mind, and do the initial quest in that time.


Several starving Aesir have appeared within the Bazaar. They give no information easily, but their abrupt appearance and their unwillingness to leave might be unsettling. An eye could be kept on them…


A comprehensive list of warps, quests, shops, and other tidbits will be compiled and released over the next short bit, making it easier for new people, and even old members, to travel around, knowing where they want to go.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Shattered Remnants a lovely place to spend free time. You are all shining stars, and I could not do it without each and every one of you.

From the Rumormonger:

“A tale to tell, I’ve a tale to tell!” It appears as if the rumormonger survived the assault caused by Almar’a and her enthralled servant, The Man, and they’d like to tell you all about it…

“Sepermeru saved by local caravan driver, in his own words. Evacuated folk moved to the other end of Sepermeru! Seems there’s a hole-up there, safe from the onslaught of the crazy Derketan priestess…”

They pause for a breath, then just keep on keeping on.

“The Man, he was called. Reached what seemed like twenty feet…with his feet, now embodied by the power of Derketo, he stomped and smashed his way through the town! Buildings exploded, annihilated, just gone. In an instant…but not before this Almar’a gutted a pirate on the cross…then The Man slit his own throat to become filled with power…It wasn’t a true God, just her essence, but what a sight to behold…”

Another breath is taken, before they go on, and on.

“The priestess has retreated, in the wake of her mans fury. He died. It is presumed she did as well. Her army was wiped clean, and it took down at least four Aquilonian’s from the marble city, and four Cimmerians from the north, as well. That is just a brief head count! Who knows! Perhaps it was millions! Oh, and, some say a cobbler has taken up shop in the new part of town…shoes. Lots of shoes. If you’re in to that kind of thing…”

Shattered Remnants Quick Update: The Bazaar :

Due to Almar’a and her lust for power and revenge, the admin town was destroyed. There is a new place where one may catch a drink or hang their hat for the evening. Simply use /warp town, as is usual. That has not changed.

Thank you for all who attended the event this afternoon. We apologise for the hiccup with the avatar, and appreciate your patience in the reboot, that still didn’t work, until it worked twice…how delightful. Small notes to peruse:

There is a cobbler shop now. Find your shoe and wear it. Most of them rule. None of them suck. None of them are three hundred dollars.

All daily quests have been updated. They reside in their new homes.