Editing Follower Thralls - Perks

Situation: I had a named entertainer (Ansina Hidden-Daggers). When she hit level 10, she got the awesome universal warrior perk - plus 3 to all attributes! She had not been my favourite follower… all of a sudden, she was! Then she died due to a glitch.

The problem: OK, so, as admin (I have the powah!) I can respawn her and her equipment. Later, I even learned how to level her up to where she was (I’m a lawyer, not a techie…) But I can not see a way of making sure she gets the same feat that she got.

The question: Is there anything tthat can be done or does it have to be sucked-up, buttercup?

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I do not know of a special command to give a chosen perk to a follower.

The only thing that might work: Spawn 10 or 20 of her and push the level to 10 on each one, than have a look who got the one perk you wanted. If none got the perk, work the next batch of 10…

I had to do that with a Dalinsia that got +10 precision as her level 20 perk (which I did NOT want), yuck…

Thanks @Starwalker.

That’s the only thing I can think of as well!

It is amusing that even as admin it can be hard to get a good thrall (or rather, a top tier thrall - even one with bad perks is good).

Spawn 20 of her, delete 15 of them because they have poor growth chances. Then put the appropriate food on them and level them 1 level at a time via console so they can eat food between each level, then hope you get decent perks. Even worse if you’re trying to do it naturally :smiley:

But like I said, its largely not necessary. A Berserker with a -Str perk here, and a -Vit perk there will still solo world bosses in heavy armor.

You can edit her Perks via console

How would that be done? Can you give us more information, @SirShako ?

I would love to pay gold, silver or w/e. Mats for a recipe for a chance to re-roll a thralls individual perks.

Edit to add: That I despise the current thrall perk RNG setup as it currently stands. It is lack luster and seems like it was quickly thrown together.
Players want to have a choice on how their thralls turn out. Esp. since I took the time to break him and train him. I should be able to choose 1 of 3 or 1 of 2 random perks.

There is that RNG again but with a choice. That way I can decide on what I am putting on my guy. If it ends up being - str on 2 out of the 3 then at least I feel like I had a better chance and not getting screwed on how my thrall turned out with this current system because I would choose the horrible survival perk instead or w/e. You get the point.

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