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Hello. Currently, the effect of sandstorm is strange on Asian servers. When there is an effect, there is no damage, and when there is no effect, it takes damage. I want you to improve this situation.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

server numbers,

Server 1800 and 1806 have the same issue

@Meatstaff @hidetada.iwami I am having the same problem on my private gportal server ps4 in the US I believe that funcom is aware. Storm cutting through buildings.

I know that when I first log in a fake storm will always happen.

I have also encountered the issue where a storm is happening but there is no visual indication until you get the damage indicator

PvE server 3839

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Hello @hidetada.iwami, thank you for reaching out, this issue should affect all servers in the same manner and our team is currently looking into it.


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