Eggs and how to get them

can we get a way to relabily get eggs, so many good recipies use eggs, and you go collect 50 of the fo an hr, and you get back with 20 lol
maybe a ckiken on the animal pen?

Just out of curiosity, what map are you playing on?

Because in Exiled Lands you can get a ton of them in one spot. I forget how many exactly, but I think it’s close to 30, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

yea there is a spot near the summoning place, it far enough out of the way its a pain, there is some eggs near sepemeru as well

Eggs at the beginning coast as well all up and down it.

I’m not talking about either of those. I’m talking about the eggs around the Reaper Queen, top right of grid square I7. Sure, it’s not right next to any of the obelisks, but that’s not a problem if you have a horse.

Eggs can be mined. You might think whacking an egg with a pick is a bad idea, but you would be wrong.

You can get hundreds of eggs from one trip to a nesting area when you bring along a heavy and sharp mining implement.


It is sad, so few eggs in the late game regions of Exiled Lands… and they spoil so fast.
Hopefully you will be able to use the personal teleporter with 3.0 to set up an egg acquisition and distribution service.
But this one always worries about mixing food with dark magics.
What if the touch of corruption… impacts the egg?
Perhaps with the new devilry we see, it will make deviled eggs if they take a jaunt through the outer dark?

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Pickaxe the bird corpses = eggs. Prolly works on eggs too in nests and stuff.


wait, what pick for eggs? i never tried it

looks like stek and eggs is back on the menue boys!


I didn’t knew that, I was using oiled tools on jungle birds, yet never in a nest, THANK YOU!!!

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So you can get eggs from using a pickaxe on a nest? :neutral_face: :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :man_facepalming:


Apparently this aggressive harvesting technique wasn’t mentioned on the wiki’s Egg article yet, so I added it.



So eggs are apparently like earthworms and each piece grows into new eggs


You can use a tool on pretty much every resource node, even if it’s supposed to be hand-harvested.


I often find that when skinning the birds in the jungle i end up with tons of eggs as well as hides.


This is the way. Shoebills apparently are fertile beasts.

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Yup, Pick on the nests! And the highest density of the birds that I know of is here:

Enough for 150 eggs in 20min (without hitting any nests - starmetal tools, no Hard Worker perk) .

There’s a buttload of purple lotus too… good for a few things including Yeti treats! :wink:


Awww man, I’m late for the party!

Sand reaper queen in the black hand area, smacking birds behind the Eastern barracks with pickaxe, small cannibal camp near the Summoning place, everything got mentioned. :frowning_with_open_mouth: (:upside_down_face: )

But thanks @Tephra for the tip, I did not know that!


Picks work on mushrooms too, works best if you are standing on a spot that’s lower than the mushrooms, but if you happen to be level with the mushrooms, if you time it right, you can swing the pick, quickly crouch, and the pick will hit the mushroom hitbox. Get HEAPS more mushies than hand picking.