Cooking Eggs are rare?

So I may have not found them all but out of all these annoying ■■■ birds you have on the island, there is only one patch of alligator eggs way on the west side of the map. They have a 10 minute timer and I am on the east coast so I have to ■■■■■■ them up and run back across the map. PUT IN SOME NESTS FOR ALL THIS BIRD ON THE ISLAND…

South of the tower in the storm zone there are termite nest things, with tons of eggs there. Try that.


Thanks, I’ll check there.

yeah they are there, bring Antidotes. Lots of antidotes.

HMMMM termite eggs jummy hehe, like food that drops from undead or the deamons u kill in the storm. 'Not the plase i like to have my food deliverd from…

We got a bunch of eggs from the Drowned Vault last night (not twice drowned) the downside is it is so blindingly bright there.

If you follow the river on the main land, there are shoebill nests on the opposite ends, but yes… They seem to be a bit more scarce on Siptah.

Not that it matters all that much, now that food has been “standardized”.

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Not that it matters all that much, now that food has been “standardized”.

The Exotic Feasts heal 17 points of health every 2 seconds, its pretty legit

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That is a nice, healthy number… I wonder if the vitality perks still work with it?

They do, I believe it ups it to 20 per 2 seconds.


The terror like birds in the south have nests that you can get them from. Also the vault of the twice drowned had a bunch of eggs in the chests to loot.

Why the heck u need eggs? Just place a bunch of beehives and get sated with honey… Food is not importand as it used to be… Why even bother?

Exotic Feasts heal 17 health per tick, they are pretty legit

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