Rocknose Eggs cracked already dead

Game mode: [PvE: (Online official 1046]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [UE]


I tried to make Baby Rocknoses in order to start a farm. Searching google, I saw there’s some tips with Peeblenoses and the Compost Heap. So, I put my 25 Rocknose Eggs in it, set an alarm 1h20 after cause the timer indicated me 1h30 before the egg cracking.

I logged out to search infos on the next DLC before pre-order meanwhile.

I came back at the alarm and, oh the goo’old surprise, the Compost Heap was filled with Dead Peeblenose.

I search on the internet and found this on the Gamepedia. Link here : (edit : Oh, I can’t post links)


The eggs have a timer after which the egg transforms into a Pebblenose. You can wait a long time to let it hatch in your inventory or a chest or you use a Compost Heap to reduce the timer to a little over an hour (precisely 1:11:00). But pay attention: If the timer has ticked down and your Pebblenoses are still in the compost heap, then it is very easy to lose them. The timer of the Pebblenose might also be bugged. So set your clock, make stuff around your base and when the time is up take the Pebblenoses out of the compost heap. Otherwise all your invested Gold Coins will be wasted.


So basicaly, the 250 gold I farmed seems gone away. Of course, the amount of bugs is huge in this game, like the numerous time my corpse was struck in the wall without any possibility of getting back my stuff. But the 250 gold coin ? This has gone too far. It means that I can’t trust timers, or any informations on the screen. I had 1h30, and in fact, the code execute 1h11.

It’s useless to say I won’t pre-order Isle of Siptah until I got my 250 Gold back (better is the Pebblenose, I still consume the time to wait, and to post here).

I “thank” you for the time you will spend on this case, but not too much. I take good note that this kind of “beta-bug-like” occurs 2 years after the official release, and before a “huge DLC”.


Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Farm 250 Gold Coins
  2. Buy 25 Rocknose Egg at Shawna the
  3. Put the eggs in the Compost Heap and wait 1h20. In my case
  • Drop in heap - 2020.14.09 - 17.16.48 (screenshot taken from the log events but new accounts can post).
  • Got in heap - 2020.14.09 - 18.39.08 (and my alarm was set at 18.10, and I search what happened nearly 30mn before taking back the corpse).
  1. Constat that you’ll get 25Rocknose Carcass .
  2. Regret the time and the hopes spent on the game.

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