Sand reaper egg turned into carcass

Hi guys, i dont understand this, i bought sand reaper egg, and put it into compost heap, where it would be hatched in 12 hours as indicated on timer.
But when i came back about 30 minutes later to check on it, i only found Sand reaper carcass.
10 gold coins wasted. :frowning_face:
Any idea what might have caused this??

Did you check the countdown timer after you put it in the compost heap? When you put something in there the countdown timer is significantly reduced (by a factor of 10 or maybe more), so by the time you came back, the egg had already hatched and the sand reaper hatching had subsequently died.

Edit: you said you came back only 30 minutes later. That’s odd. It’s been a while since I hatched an egg but it shouldn’t have died in that time.

The all seem to have a chance to hatch dead sadly.

I was messing with rock eggs from old event, and about 20% of them die when they hatch.
Same with few spider and other eggs. =/

Oh that’s annoying. They must have changed it. I never used to have a problem hatching rocknoses on official pve when the original pet update came out. On the bright side, you can mine gold fairly easily in the volcano, so buying more eggs shouldn’t be a big problem.

Decay timer in the Compost Heap seems to run dramatically faster if you go away from your base (I’ve noticed it in SP). So I run away for a couple of minutes and return to look at them eggs.

The compost heap timer is really, really weird. It seems to skip hours at a time if you leave it unguarded for even a few minutes. I’ve lost a couple of rocknoses this way too before I discovered this. It’s neat because the egg cooks really quickly, but it’s annoying because you run the risk of losing your pet if you need to go to the bathroom.

What I do these days is put the egg in, go do something elsewhere for a few minutes, then return, see the timer, maybe run a few laps around my base, return to the compost heap and pick up the freshly hatched baby. Half an hour and you’ll get your egg back hard-boiled.

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From experience, haven’t checked after patch, but it is around 1 hour to hatch in the compose bins, and then 1 hour before it kills the baby hatching.
I believe it is x20 effect for decay.
1440 minutes becomes 72 minutes. Again, haven;t harvested eggs in over month on officials.

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