Timer does not match reality (Compost Heap)

Game mode: PVP Official Server
Problem: Bug
Region: Latin America

When I put a scorpion egg in the Compost Heap, a timer of ~1:10 is shown, but when I come back to fetch eggs hatched after that time, only scorpion carcasses appear.

I can confirm this. Had even set up a timer that rings 5min earlier in my mobilephone to not miss it. When i was back i found only carcasses as well.

The time you see is when the eggs “die”, they hatch before the timer ends! Typically when I put brand new eggs in the heap it gives a timer of 1 hour and 11 minutes until expiration. I set an alarm on my phone for 1 hour, come back in 60 minutes and the eggs are hatched and alive!

This has never failed me. Just remember the timer on the eggs is NOT when they hatch but rather when they die!

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Timer is broken it says time till hatch, then they become baby and get a certain time again before they die. But this process is bugged.

What you have suggested is a nice work around tho, thank you.

Hello @rafashima, welcome to the forums!

We’re sending note to the developers that the timer in the Compost Heap might not be accurate at all times, does this only occur if you leave its area?

I did not notice if it happens when I stay near or far from the compost heap. Can anyone confirm?

Lost countless sand reaper eggs, don’t log out and come back, you will find dead carcasses.

Update did 7 rocknose eggs at the same time. Came back just after they hatched 6 alive 1 dead. So bit confused lol.

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