Rocknose Egg timer wrong

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

The rocknose egg timer when inside a compost heap is not accurate. The timer states 1:10:00 and so I set a timer for 50 minuets just to be sure I got back before it ran out. After 40 minutes I checked the egg in the compost heap the timer was only 10 minutes. Also my timer was on my IPhone so I know it’s mostly accurate.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Place a Rocknose egg in compost heap
  2. Set a timer for the time that the egg reads when in the compost heap
  3. Wait
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I can confirm this. Happened to me a couple updates ago.

It’s also possible to get 2 babys from 1 egg using the compost bin if you time it right, and I suspect this is why.

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You can also get two rocknose corpses from one baby pebblenose. I had two pebblenoses stored in a container and ended up with three corpses when I came back. The decay timer for pebblenoses sometimes is inaccurate too.

I hatched 2 sand reapers and I didn’t see a problem with there timers.

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