How to hatch rocknose egg

i’ve been trying to hatch a rock nose egg first timer said like 12 hurs waited hour still not hatched five hours later nothing server reset timer went down ive been waiting since five am says expires 3:os:19 now please help ive already had like five die has the process changed or something?

Sounds like you still have 3 hours left before the egg hatches. Then once it hatches you out it in the animal pen.

Compost heap with drastically speed up the hatching process. Just have to be careful as it speeds up the dying process too.


so it says when put in compost its should give time of a hour ten mins mines its not doing that

See last time I set timer for when it said it would expire came back in they were dead

The clock is a little fast. My rule of thumb is if it says an hour, come back in 50 min.

So when the timer expires that’s when they hatch ?

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Yes. After that there is a very short timer when they decay and die

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like 5-10 minutes short so plan accordingly. @SirBowen posted the wiki and definitely look up the economics of rock-noses in there because it goes into agonizing accounting nerd over it.

If you got nothing to do, it’s a fun little exercise that entertains but simply going up to the volcano with careful harvesting will be far more efficient.


The TLDR version of the guide basically states that you need ~300 hours of passive income per animal pen you set up to break even on what you spend on it. And then you profit 75 goldstone every 100 hours afterwards.

Like erjoh said, going to the volcano is far better. In one hour there you can earn more than 100 hours worth of passive income. In some cases way more.

Unfortunately passive income fans don’t like to hear the math and logic.

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Hey I still got 5 churning away gold ore and 3 churning silver…like I said…it’s fun to do it and it’s not like it’s hurting anything…but it’s a PvE thing as pvp I don’t keep animal pens or stables up longer than I need to.

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Yeah if you need gold now, go to the volcano. But after the sunk cost of setting up the pen (which is fun in its own right) it is rock for gold at that point… generally means no need to go after gold at the volcano again.

I’ve set this up before myself in the past. And admittedly, if I let it run since I set up, I wouldn’t need to go to the Volcano ever again. But that’s assuming running it for years.

Personally for me, characters don’t last long enough (either because of reroll or server wipe/map change) for it to be worth the while. I don’t exactly have the patience to wait nor the desire to take up the space needed for these things.

It does depend heavily on settings vs mods I guess. Base game doesnt have a lot of use for gold once you start farming t3 bearers. With certain mods, gold can be more of an issue, but server settings might get adjusted anyway.

Do you play on private server? This is not an official timer. Maybe the admin of your server mess with the decay timers!

@Tuffman sorry my friend, i don’t know why it shows that i replied to you!

You must not forget that this personal guide “The Economy of Rocknoses” from Joschilein was written in 2019, at a time when you actually only got gold and silver underwater between the Buccaneer Bay and the Harbor. If you mined obsidian, you also got something from time to time, the drop chance was much lower than today, so at that time it was not a safe and good source. At that time, there were no bearer packs. Even Ichor and Volatile Gland were hard to get and rare at that time. Many drop rates and also loot tables of NPCs were adjusted again and again, that should not be forgotten.

So such personal guides are usually no longer up to date, just like YT Videos, if they are not maintained. Therefore, I have not linked this article. In addition, we edit such guides very rarely, this is somehow something personal I guess.

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