Eight Hour Maintenance

I suppose it’s too much to ask why 8 hours?
I really think it’s not too much to ask…
Do I dare to dream?


I missed something, eight hour maintenance???

On the startup screen, it’s announced for Nov. 14th, starting 9 am Est, 14:00 Gmt, 15:00 cet.

Thank you!

Mobs are tired after running after players on swift mounts, they need a break.


I noticed Anarchy Online and Secret World are also going down for 8 hours. I guess this maintenance is longer because of that.

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they are updating their server from 2gb ram to 4 as Fass adviced in “Game crashed a lot” thread :smiley:


Maybe they are patching in that “new content” that was teased months ago but never happened…

Are you really so foolish to believe that? :smiley: Its just a maintenance nothing else

finally realized they couldn’t download ram

Being there was no announcement here, I do hope they will post when the servers are back online, but I am not holding my breath. I do have other games to entertain me and don’t sit waiting to log at 8 hours and 1 minute.
The lack of communication with the community is pretty frustrating. I hope contained within the maintenance is some update, realistically however I am not too hopeful.

yea that IncreaseRam.exe didn`t work :smiley:

They have to change the hamster.

Hope the games survive this maintenance…

8 Hours in EU primetime.

Standard Funcom.

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Does anyone really care? There are so many other games to play as Funcom won’t add anything new to AoC, i don’t think anyone really cares if it takes them 1 week longer to get another T6 piece for their 1X toon.

If no one cared, we would not post our thoughts about a game we don’t care about.

Many are disappointed, including myself about certain things, but still care about this game.


All 10 of you?


Yes lol. Plus 1 …you.

Point proven. Enjoy! :beer:

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Is Aoc still down ?