Eldarium in Exiled lands

So I was watching some content from @KiahonfireOfficial and she said the events can bring Siptah recipes in from the event loot.

HOWEVER, a very sizable amount of those recipes are delving recipes that require a fecal 907 kg amount of eldarium. Outside of server transfer, how do you get eldarium into EL?

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That is not official yet but, probably we get sort of portal (sort of Midnight Grove) to get one of the Siptah vaults.

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It would be nice to be able to get Eldarium on Exiled Lands.
And Sigils too…


They just need to add a merchant that we can buy it from. With a stupid price. Because let’s be honest, most merchants prices are very high and stupid.

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where did you heard this?

Would be pretty cool to add decaying eldarium as a potential drop to the events, their current loot table kinda sucks and i was thinking that fragments would be nice, but if they are dropping siptah recipe’s then some decaying eldarium would be cool

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Like I said “it is not official” and “probably”. That means “I’m thinking how that could be” :stuck_out_tongue:

ahhh, ok , you imagined that it could be a solution, okok got it,! :slight_smile:

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