Legendary Weapons Recipe with Eldarium on Exiles Lands Map

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

I got a scheme to make a legendary weapon in Exiled Lands but I need eldarium and I can’t find any since we are not on Siptah.

Bug Reproduction:

Event on exiled land server, 5 fragments of schematics make legendary weapon (Eldarium necessary)

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Greetings Guna0!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding the legendary weapons recipe.

In order for our team to properly assess the issue, could you please let us know if you are playing on an Official Server or Private Server please? In case you are playing on a Private Server, are you perhaps using mods?

Thank you in advance!

These recipes drop on the official patch from the Netherportal event which replaces a pirate camp with Winged Insectdemons.Honestly an easy fix would be to give Eldarium Bars as a drop from all the other events. Since all the other events don’t feel rewarding at all, this would fix 2 problems in one.


Official Server PvE

Hey HighSaint,

This goes to the schematic fragments that can be collected from the Migo enemies that come out of this specific event. This is a Isle of Siptah DLC item that is also coded in the base game. When you get 5 of these fragments in your inventory, it automatically converts these five fragments into a random crafting recipe accessible from the Isle Of Siptah (like around 200 different recipes you can get). The Delving Bench recipes are included in this and these all require eldarium as material needed to craft. As far as the player base understands, there is no access to this material in the Exiled Lands map.
Since the schematics open up recipes that the materials cannot be found (as far as we know), this is being reported as a bug.

Now if you come back and say there isn’t a bug here, we are probably going to assume there is some method that you have put in Exiled Lands to gain access to Eldarium and we will all mad-dash try to find them.


Thank you for the information Gunta0!

Exactly. It is because of the uniqueness of that item to the Isle of Siptah map that our team is currently investigating this issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Continue conquering the lands dear players!


All would be well if they would fix character transfers.


That would fix it for us that have both but there is a P2W aspect still with Siptah gear. Most of the weapons in the vaults have an effect associated with them that can be massed produced and some armor pieces are still way OP. The serpent stuff is now out but nothing beats gloves of Jhil for stamina recovery and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the gloves of the drowned is with agility builds.


Very true.

No no no no, there’s lots of other stuff which are all unique to Siptah :smiley:
I got the marksman armor and I’d really like it on some future archers I’m planning, so by all means Surge that eldarium over please instead of trying to filter the recipes! :smiley: Deliver it by tentacle-post or whatever…


I thought it was something voluntary. sad to learn the truth…



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Can you recycle scraps from the warmaker dungeon to create eldarium? I forget the process on Siptah, but I think we can convert the scraps into Eldarium bars with the recycler or furnace?

2 types of scraps available on Siptah, scraps, and armor scraps, one type becomes eldarium, other type becomes armor.

On Conan Exiles only 1 type of scrap, unless someone brought them over before transfers were shut down. Currently no known way for Conan Exiles to obtain eldarium, if its not a bug, it is cruelty of large order towards Exiles. quiet sniffs

Although…I don’t see why the two couldn’t be seend as equivalent. It would explain why champion and Godbreaker armors are the bombs…make the two scraps equivalent. You can choose to use them in construction warmaker armor or furnace them into eldarium bars…the actual root of the power of the warmaker.

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Yes I agree. Eldarium simply needs to be added as a drop on Exiled Lands. Or the alternative is to remove the Siptah recipes from being available on ExiledLands altogether. A part of me wonders that the latter should be the better option? I kind of like the separation between the two maps and their respective unique qualities. If you blend Siptah mechanics with Exiled Lands, you would chip away at Siptah’s value. For example, if I can get Siptah materials and recipes on Exiled Lands, then the only thing drawing me to play on Siptah is the different geography. There needs to be more unique qualities in Siptah to sustain interest.

Anyway, just a thought.

they r not the same scraps.
only ios scraps can be smelted for eldarium.(and also cannot be used for champion armour)

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lets say not an absolute truth! if the requirements r met it is possible to get

Dude I’d love to hear a a way to obtain eldarium. Let’s not be pedantic here, I mean a legit means, assuming a player does not currently have eldarium. (Starting from zero. With no eldarium forged items to dismantle.)

  • can you transport it in currently? no.
  • can you loot it from creatures on Exiles? no.
  • is it available i loot chests regular or legendary? not at this time.
  • is it a drop from the Event creature/monsters? no.

is it already in Exiled Lands from previous individuals who predate 3.0? absolutely.
can it currently be duped in some instances, using the duping glitch 3.0 has introduced?(i.e. duping an eldarium chest would gain player eldarium) has introduced? yes.

ah I see @Ragnaguard, you have answered our great desire, but unless I am missing a second or third circumstance, and I would be pleased to be proven wrong believe me. but with the exception of the duping glitch, unless a player already has eldarium::

Blockquote Currently no known way for Conan Exiles to obtain eldarium, if its not a bug, it is cruelty of large order towards Exiles.

if you prove me wrong I’ll bake you a big ol’ eldarium cake!

Prove me wrong @Ragnaguard, i’ll put in the work… I’ll cook!
bake a cake


yes you can admin it into Exiled Lands, if you have admin rights, but you can’t use that as an answer, that is a work around.

if you want that cake, you’ll have to convince me… put in the work, how does a player get eldarium in Exiled Lands, legitimately?