Elephant pets disappear once growth

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue:Bug
Server type : PvP
Region: Official Server #1130

Elephant Pets once growth in the cage, disappear

  1. Get one or more elephant puppy pet
  2. Put in a cage with Plant Fiber food
  3. Wait growth
  4. Once growth it disappear

I’ve the Turanian DLC

Hey @WaltZie

Have you checked the event log and see what could’ve happened?

i have same, placed 3 elephats and some another pets 2 times in animal pen t1 and put plant fiber, and 2 times when my pets should have grown and i came to take it all (not only elephants) pets i put here are disappear. the event log are empty both times

or this is a feature and animal pen t1 dont for elephants? but why are another pets disappear? and other stuffs in the game, for which improved workbenches are necessary, you just can’t start doing in t1

No logs, the pen is T1

That’s weird. We’re going to send note to our team and see if they can find any anomalies.
Thanks for your feedback.

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