Elevators became unplace-able

The game does not let the players place elevators at all, no matter where I try to place it, it doesn’t say invalid placement or any errors, just doesn’t place it down.

Game mode: Any
Server: Any
Region: Any

To reproduce:

  1. Craft elevator
  2. Craft a few Flotsam base pieces
  3. Build something with Flotsam pieces
  4. Try to place elevator

Yeah they are aware mate and are working on it

HugoCommunity Support


Hi @Simon2940, we’re aware of the issue and currently looking into it.


Hmm I had no issue placing it on stormglass yesterday

I have flotsam buildings high up on couple of redwood trees, I use horizontal elevator to get to another building and then vertical to get down or up. I always pick up the elevators after use and I had no trouble of placing them today. I picked them up and placed down several times with no problems.

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