Empires of Avlyrra

Empires of Avlyrra - PvP RP Xbox Server

We do inactive wipes before large updates to make room for those that make this server their home.

In the world of Avlyrra, we provide nearly daily/weekly jobs, quests, mini events, bounties, and much more. We also do weekend events. All provide participation bronze to be used in our admin shop or to be used to buy from other players.

We have lots of active players both new and experienced. Roleplayers and fighters alike, we provide each play type with lots of content! From our ever evolving storyline with Thrall Actor NPCs to our weekly events.

Join us in Empires of Avlyrra to take part in an active community both in game and on discord! Do you have what it takes to take your village to a dukedom then to a kingdom and finally onto an empire?

D.O.D during declared raids and wars.
Custom made dungeons from an experienced D&D Dungeon Master
Server lore filled with thrall actors worthy of interactions
Roleplay Skill System for more interactive quests - Can and will affect your RP Character.
Unique story driven quests featuring NPCs!

XP - 2.0
Harvest - 3.5

Current Story

Trevor von Liftensack has been placed back together and now the skeleton paladin is searching for the demon that cursed him.
Join his two skeleton comrades in the search of the demon and help put a stop to it’s reign of evil.
Trevor has also brought with him, a book called “Avlyrra Antiquities” that shines light on the past of Avlyrra!

Know this!

Our server is Roleplay & PvP!
Players will gain the highlight as they stay active, RP towards or influence the lore, attend events, and be a positive influence for the community!
Those in the highlight will frequent the server ad!