Empty Stygian campment appearance

I am not reporting this as a bug, because I am not sure It is. More interested in players opinion.
11th Oct 23: a Stygian enslavery campment materializes on the beach between Teimos place and Flotsam. No one in it, just tents, campfires and carts.
12th Oct 23: everything disappears.
I did nothing to trigger it - knowingly, at last -. Cannot say whether it could be related to the activation of my wheel of pain in the nearby.

Events have been turned back on, so you are likely to see a few of those every now and then.

I haven’t seen a single event… but a couple people on my server claim to have. So… yeah, idk. They seem few and far between. They were far more prevalent during AoS.

FYI, I’m on PlayStation.

The bizarre fact is that it was completely empty all along. I expected something to happen, like a bunch of stygians attacking the Flotsam, but nothing.

On xbox we still don’t seem to have them. :weary:

But ye, that sounds like an event.

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