🇪🇺 EN/DE Newly opened 40 Slot PvP Server (G-Portal); friendly admin; Battleeye; no offline-raids; no god-avatars; relaxed community; XP-revamp; x1,8 farming


No Discord needed.

The server will be online for atleast one full year (since 07.16.18) and features harder combat in general and many tweaks for a slightly more realistic gameplay than seen on vanilla servers.

Offline-raiding is not allowed, aswell as using a lot of vaults/similar tiny buildings to take huge areas.

I will support new ideas for events and rule-changes and tell the community about these.

We are always happy to see new exiles in our lands! Roleplay also is okay, but not forced.

Direct link for browser-joining: Steam-connect

Or the IP only for ingame-join:

At a later point - as we reach a higher number of active players - we might consider to use mods (the community always will decide together), especially “PIPPI”, to make nice events like public arena-fights (PvE & PvP), new spawns for enemies and more.

Joined the Server yesterday with 2 friends. Very friendly and helpful community! The map is not too crowded with houses, lots of nice spots available. It is a PvP Server, so I guess come time there will be some fighting, but even then I think it is a fine community with no toxic feelings. Would be nice to see some more Exiles here!

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Thanks a lot!

Several changes were made recently, including “no god-avatars” after consultation with the community. We hope to see new exiles again! Beginners or guys without a clan won’t be destroyed without a reason here.