[EN]/[ESP] recruitment for El Tercio En Exilio


We are my brother a friend and I, so we have room for 7 more friends.

Server region: EU, Germany, Frankfurt.

At the moment only the option PVE is activated. Depending on how things evolve, other game types may be activated.

We are building a fortress and we need soldiers to defend it!

Main features at this time are:

  • Speed Day/night cycle = x 0.2
  • harvest quantity = varies between x 5 and x 10
  • item conversion speed = 10 x faster
  • building abandonment disabled
  • decaying structures disabled
  • XP for surviving normal

Little by little and depending on ideas that are contributed we can change more things.

Steam group that needs to be improved.

It is important to have good vibes, positive attitude, good communication and respect for others.

You never know how things are going but I’m looking for long-term members.

Any questions you have are welcome

If you are interested you can add me or message me on Steam: Abdul Halim Roca Zaldivar