[PC][EU/GER][PVPE-Server] Looking for more active Players

Hello Exiles,

after work friendly server is still looking for reinforcement.

We offer a sworn in and growing community.
25-30 active players on average
50 slot server, offline raid protection, events and much more.

Discord: https://discord.gg/eYc6324

SteamID: 0: 0: 12025293

Server Rules

Server Settings

  1. PVP 24/7
  2. Raid times (damage to buildings) Mo. - Fr. 7:00pm - 11:00pm Sa./Su. 5:00pm - 11:00pm
  3. Purge lvl 5 Mo. - Fr. 6:00pm - 0:00pm Sa./Su. 3:00pm - 0:00pm
  4. decay activated, max. 360 hours
  5. Avatars are disabled
  6. XP / Res / Survival / Claim Range Native, npc respawn extended
  7. Daily Server refresh 1:30am, 9:30am, 5:30pm (WE 4:30)
  8. Max. Clan size 6

General Server Rules

1.the use of bugs and exploits is forbidden
2. The use of hacks, external programs or macros is forbidden
3. Insults and racist comments as well as such
(Clan / player) names are forbidden
4. Refrain from excessive flaming.
5. The game is FSK 18 a corresponding maturity and appropriate behavior
ingame and in Discord is being expected.


  1. The task of the ingame admins is to enforce the rules.

  2. There are no refunds for losses for example due to game-sided bugs,
    Client crashes, etc.
    Game rules

  3. Noobzone

1.1 South of the Great River (including islands), west of the Jungle Biome is
PVP / Raid free zone. Beginners have the opportunity to get to know the game accordingly,
only starter bases (T1) without combat thralls are allowed.
1.2 New players may not be attacked in the starting area unless they attack.

  1. Build

2.1 per player or clan is one main base and two outposts allowed. (maximum value 10,000 per outpost, building value visible with repair hammer)
2.2 Outposts include thrall wheels, fishermen’s huts, farm huts, etc.
2.2.1 Any base construction in the volcano is forbidden
2.3 Temple protection shields are forbidden (currently buggy and infinitely running, until funcom fixes them)
2.4 NPC spawns and resource spawns should not be build on [explanation and approval by the admins]
2.5 Story, Book, and Archive relevant places should not be build on without reason [explanation to and approval by the admins]
2.6 Per clan or single player 1 vault is allowed in the main base
2.7 For each clan or single player 1 maproom is allowed in the main base which may not be directly accessible to the public.
2.8 At each base must be a sign with the date of the day you were last on.
2.9 Direct access to a base must not be torn off (stairs, elevators, etc.). A base should basically be Raidable.

  1. Raids

3.1 Offline raids are forbidden. It is not considered an offline raid if the attacked player / clan was online at the start of the attack and then goes off later.
3.2 Offline raids are allowed if the person was not online for more than 3 days and has not registered a holiday.
3.3 Raids should always be fair, so max. 2: 1 (attack : defense)
3.4 In a raid unnecessary destruction should be avoided. For example, destroy from
unfinished thralls in wheels, destroying craft stations, etc. (who locks chests
need not be surprised about collateral damage)
3.5 Temporary structures for a raid such as catapult foundations, possibly chests etc. are to be demolished after a raid, independently
3.6 Raid Protection: A clan / player who has been raided has 3 days of raid protection from the
attacking clan / player (regardless of the success of the raid) to have the opportunity
to rebuild.

  1. Holiday

4.1 Holiday / absence can be announced in the appropriate discord channel 2 days before the start
and is also to be marked with sufficient signs at the base. This base is
under raid protection for the specified time. Period min. 3 days - max. 14 days absence
4.2 The raid protection ends as soon as the claimed period has expired or the player or someone from the clan joined to the server.
4.3 Holiday signs without an entry in the discord or vice versa have no protective effect
4.4 the Frequency, so that this is not used as exploit, is at the decision by the admins.

  1. Other

5.1 Playerthralls that are recognizable belonging to a base may not be killed outside of the raidtime.
5.2 Avatars can be unlocked if two clans agree to use them as part of a clan war. The avatars may be used accordingly only by these two clans and only against each other. This has to be announed in time to the admins, who then unlock the avatars in a time window. Other rules that can be changed by clan wars as desired are: Total base destruction and raid protection.

Nobody likes pedants on paragraphs, you should always play with common sense :wink: The rules are adjusted if necessary.